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I have losing weight listed on my 101 list. I have made no secret that I've gained 20 ish pounds in the last year and a half. I've not been happy about that. My pants haven't fit and I've felt sluggish. In August my co worker and I started walking. We didn't really diet. I tried to cut back on my dr pepper and actually cut all alcohol out until I lost 10 pounds. I also stopped snacking in the afternoon.

The result is I lost 10 pounds and then gained 2 pack when we stopped walking, because its been sooooo cold. I still have 12 pounds to go, but I'm feeling better. Its weird to be the same weight I was this time last year. Last year I would look at the scale and ask myself why  I was so fat? This year I look at the scale and think How awesome is it that I've come so far. Yes, I've gained some back, but it the long term that I am focused on not the short week to week. This time next year I want to look at the scale and think I've finally done it, I've finally reached my goal weight.

I'm hoping that I can survive the holiday season without completely ruining everything that I've done. Here is a shot of progress. My goal is to walk more. I was walking about 2 miles a day. I haven't walked 2 miles in a week. Its just so cold here, and I really hate the cold.
Another matter of perspective is Abbey and her boyfriend. Sunday made them a month of dating. She posted a cutesy post about how happy she was. Then came the comments.
  • My mom: He seems like a good kid so he can live and I will allow him to date you lol haha

  • The Boyfriend D'awh! It's been amazing being yours and you being mine. I can't think of a better way to have spent this month than with you. I know it's just been one month, but many more will follow. You're perfect. Oh and thank you Melanie, I'll treat her right, promise!

  • Their Youth Pastor: Correy knows that I will hunt him down if he hurts her. And he still has a healthy fear of the big bald man. At least he better. But Correy is a good guy. And he better stay that way.

  • Her Grandpa on dads side: She is 13.Where's the grown ups.She still is a child.

  • My Mom: Yes she is a child but they are chaperoned if correy touches her in other than decent way i will hunt him down and you know mike will put the fear of god into him

  • Her grandpa on dads side: Buddies are permissive. Parents are careful.
  • My dad: correy it aint Melanie and it aint mike you have to worry about, james we're on the same page here...
  • Me:  Where are the adults? I'm always with them, that's where I am. I've known Correy for YEARS he's a great guy. Trust me I trust Correy more than I do 90% of the guys in her own class.
    From where I see things. They are two kids who like each other and do normal teenage dating things. He comes over and hangs out, goes shopping with us, they do youth group together and  we go out to eat. If I am not with them, then another adult is. I don't know if its the fact that he is 17 that is aggravating people or if its that she has a boyfriend at all. Either way having someone suggest that I am her buddy and not a parent pisses me off. Anyone who knows me knows that she is parented. Hell she is probably one of the best behaved and well mannered kids her age. I have known him for years and he is a good kid. I trust him more than I trust some of the boys in her class. I think he is looking as he was when he was in high school and there is no comparison.


  1. I assume all this was on Facebook, I hate Facebook for this exact reason. Ugh people need to just mind there own business.

  2. The weight? well I know. I started running again and it has helped, but once the wintery ice hits, I'm not sure what I will do.

  3. You look fab, keep rocking the weight loss.
    And you're a great mom, Abbey is a great kid. And anything else is really no one else's business.

  4. Good luck! You're looking great!

    Ahh yes, good old Facebook...


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