5 things I hate about winter

We are getting our first winter storm tonight. Right now its just raining, but its suppose to be turning to snow later. Which means the next 4 months will be me cussing at people more than usual, if that possible.Why am I so hateful to other people you ask? Well here ya go. The top 5 reason I hate winter.

1. When there is a warning of snow  the grocery stores get emptied of bread and milk. I hate walking into the store hoping that I can run in, grab what I want, and the run back out. But the lines are always seriously long. Seriously people we don't live that far from civilization. You will survive without buying every loaf of bread in the store.

2. People who can't drive in snow. I am not the best driver on snow, but I don't speed, or try passing, or swerve like a crazy person.I want to shout instead I just flip them off, and then wave when they are stuck in a ditch.

3. Scarves. I love how scarves look. I love them on other people, but when I wear one. I feel like I am being choked to death.

4. It makes walking outside different. I'll be getting a membership to the walking track on campus, but right now it just means I come up with excuses about why I can't go outside.

5. Flu. Its the time of year when everyone has a cold and yet they insist they have the flu. Running nose? It must be the flu.I want to smack people whenever I hear them say they have the flu. Instead I just start naming all the symptoms. Yeah bitch this is not the flu you have a cold.


  1. I feel the same about scarves! I hear you on the dumb drivers, they're ridiculous. Especially when I was in Iowa, because it's such a drive through state, people don't know how to handle the roads and it's often drivers who just don't deal with that kind of weather, animals, 2 lane highways, blind curves, trucks, etc etc. They just have no clue and always end up in the ditch. I don't feel bad.

  2. I hate when its people who have lived here their whole life and as soon as winter hits they act like the world is ending and start acting and driving like complete dumb asses.


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