Would you ever?

I was listening to the radio while driving to work. There was radio show that asked the question, "Would you ever live in a house that someone died in?" It was a setting the mood for Halloween special.

I don't think I could. I use to work for Hospice as a Home Health Aide. I have been in homes as people were dying. I've held many hands of people slipping out of this world. None of that bothered me. But, I didn't have to live there.

My mother in law (at the time) was dying of cancer. She Found out in May and was dead by the end of June. She died at home. Her son and I divorced that year so, I wasn't at the house too many times after her passing, but I always had issues sleeping there. I never saw anything or heard anything. I just felt weird. I couldn't help but staring at the bedroom where she died, or remembering the gurney taking her.

The same is true for her parents house. Her dad died, several years ago from cancer. He died in his favorite room, where he always watched TV. When I would visit, after his passing, I couldn't help but thinking back to his last days. A few months ago her mother died, also in the house. The house was on the market for a few months before they sold it at auction, to a guy from out of town. I always wonder if having two deaths in the house had anything to do with its sluggish sale. The new owner will be turning it into apartments. Its a college town and there is always need for apartments. I wonder about the renters. Will they feel weird about living there if they hear of the deaths?

Am I the only one that doesn't think they could live in a place that someone died? The radio spoke to several people and the general consensus was if the death was old age or something similar it would be ok but a murder would be out of the question. I just don't know that I could do either.


  1. Since we rent I am sure we've lived in houses/apartments where someone has died. It doesn't really both me that much, I try to think about it often.

  2. That supposes there's something inherent in the house, but, if you didn't know, it wouldn't bother you at all, so it's only the knowledge that is the issue.

  3. If I knew that somebody died recently I couldn't do it...if it was a long time ago I think I'd be fine...as long as they weren't murdered or something! Yikes!


  4. Probably if it was someone I knew or I was there for it, I wouldn't. But moving into an older house where someone had died completely unrelated to me, I'd be ok with that.

  5. I think I would depending on how the death went down. Did they die old and in bed with photos on their nightstand (Cue Titanic) or were they ax-murdered at the dining room table? Either way, rent discount! ;)


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