Weekend Recap

Most of you know that I spent the weekend at the last band competition of the season. It was the State semi finals and finals. I have been looking forward to this weekend for weeks. Two months of every weekend being packed at competitions where your day begins at 6 and ends at midnight is rough. I managed to survive driving in Louisville. I have to go back in two weeks for work. I'm dreading it. Louisville is a terrible town. It was also really windy, which is probably because Indiana Blows. (I'm joking)

 Last week was regionals and Abbey's band moved on and so did Greg's. We've had positive results with Abbey's band all year and knew we had a good chance at being one of the final 4 bands. So we went into this competition charged up. However due to some technical issues we didn't have a key part of our show and it hurt us. We placed 7th overall which I think is awesome and I'm so proud.

I do want to take a second to complain. Because, I like to complain. The school that the semi final for our class was at, was a school also in the competition. It was NOT equipped to handle a crowed like that. They had 5 bathroom stalls and one of those wouldn't stay closed unless someone stood outside the door and held it for you. They had no hot chocolate. It was 48 degrees and there was no hot chocolate. I'm like WTF!!! They had all the entrances into the stand blocked off so EVERYONE had to walk in and out using one ramp. I seriously thought this was a safety hazard. What if there was a fire. That's not even a exaggeration because the press box is there and under the bleachers is a wooden room are with the bathrooms and some mechanical stuff. The parents working the competition were rude or at least the lady working the entrance to the stand. I think if you are hosting bands you should not be able to compete. If you are holding a competition during the regular season you can't compete against the other bands. The attitudes of parents when a score is on the line is different then when it isn't. They were pretty snotty. The weekend wore Greg out. He was asleep by 10 on Fright and by 8:30 on Saturday.
I also wonder about scoring. I said before I think our placement was accurate, however the bands in Greg's class I do not agree with. I've followed a band in that class all season they were awesome. They won the class at regionals. However they got 5th place and didn't go on to finals. The band whose school the contest was located at, went on. I really question that. I also question when you are looking at the score sheets and judges scoring the same caption score vastly different. They give you a number score and a placement. I think if they have you 4 places apart then that is a red flag that either they aren't trained or they are strongly in favor of someone for whatever reason. That's my little rant for the day, that I'm not 100% on board with how it was handled.

My friend is a district manager for a store called ICING. When I saw one in the mall I had to go check it out. Its an accessories store that is like a grown up Claires. I wanted everything. I bought this ring, and almost bought this key ring. Gotta love a store that has glitter flasks. They also have the above key ring.


  1. I've heard of Icing. I think we have one of those here. That's a cool ring, but I'd have gotten that flask... it'd be like a magical tinkerbell flask.*

    *There's nothing cute about alcoholism

  2. I like the ring you got! That's super shady about the host band making it through when they might not have deserved it. All those kids work hard, that's not fair.


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