That time I almost peed myself at work

Don't you love when you don't have anything to write about and you went to sleep at 9:30 instead of even trying to come up with something....and then something to write about falls in your lap? Yeah me too. That's exactly what happened today.

Let me set the stage. My office is in a building full of other offices. Its laid on two long hallways with the bathrooms and a meeting area in the middle. Also in the middle is the stairs. My office is the only office upstairs. I like it this way. I have 8 skylights and a window. Its great....usually.

This morning, I got here and the door was locked (that's not unusual) I unlocked the door and started down the hall. The lights were off and I didn't bother to turn them on because I had my hands full and I could see fairly well. I get midway down the hall, where the stairs to my office are. I reach out to turn on the lights and I see a dark figure sitting on my stairs.
I grab the wall as I fall against it for support. I started hyperventilating. The dark figure stands up and starts walking to me. I thought this is it, I am dying.

and then I see that its the lady who does massages in the office across from the bottom of the stairs. She is dressed head to toe in Navy blue. Somehow I manage not to scream, or pee myself. I barely make it up the steps before my jello legs give out.
And that my friends is how I almost peed myself today.


  1. Omg I would absolutely have peed myself!

  2. What I hate are those strange, non-repetitive noises in the middle of the night. There was one last night that I can't even describe. I sat up, but it didn't happen again. What the heck made that noise? No clue.

  3. Oh my, I'd have done the same! I get spooked really easily.

  4. I probably would have threw everything I was carrying into the air, screamed and ran away like a little girl. So congrats on reacting like a normal adult! :)


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