Ipsy Thursday

I got my Ipsy bag yesterday. I have been looking forward to this for weeks and then I saw that Jasmine at Green eyed Monster, got her bag. I was dying of jealousy. My bag was not exactly like hers. Which made me sad because I thought the clay spray sounded cool.

What did I get?
1. Buxom lip polish in Dolly. I have tried this already. I love the color. It almost looks like a nude on me. It is a little on t he sticky side which I am not super crazy about but its not that bad. I like that it tingles a little.
2. Zoya nail polish in Giovanna. Its a jade-ish like color. with some slight sparkle to it.
3. Nourish Organic Coconut & Argan Body Lotion. It smells so nice.
4. Big Sexy hair Blow Dry Volumizing gel. This seems cool. I love the Big Sexy spray so I can't wait to try the gel.
5. LA Fresh Oil Free Face Cleaner. My child has already stolen this from me. I hope I even get a chance to try it.
I have been a subscriber for a few months now. I chose Ipsy because I love little bags and how could I resist a subscription where I also got a little bag.



  1. I see so many blogger ladies get this. They need a man version of this. It would come with various beers, a sports related item, and the latest copy of Juggs. Or... you know, something along those lines.

  2. Clay spray?
    That sounds like something out of Batman.


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