Its Monday, The Broncos lost, I have two meetings so yeah its a bad day. I want to climb back in bed and pretend yesterday didn't happen.

I don't like surprises. At least not if I have a hint that a surprise could happen. Christmas drives me insane because I always want to know what my presents are. Because I don't like surprises I like to be prepared for whatever may come up.

This weekend was the Regional Quarter finals of Marching Band. It was the weekend where we found out what bands go on t o Semi Finals next weekend and whose seasons were over. How could I possible plan for this.

Greg's band is in class 2A and they performed about an hour from Abbey's school in class 4A. Thankfully the times were so far apart that I could do both. Abbey's director was nice enough to let me steal her early. This way I would get to attend both competitions and watch both of them compete.

The other thing I did was, I made a spread sheet. The spread sheet had all the scores of everyone Abbey's band and Greg's band would face during Regionals. I wanted to track the past scores of everyone to have an idea if they could place high enough to go on  to State.

I also checked out the Band Forums and read what others thought. Some of the stuff people were saying was funny.  I love reading people's predictions. One prediction was A hoard of cats will attack two bands at semi's. Not all are this crazy. But I love that there is a sense of humor.

My predictions for Abbey would probably have been 100% accurate except as soon as we walked onto the field it started raining. This is the second competition in a row that we've got stuck in the rain. Abbey said she is totally over the rain. To make it to Semi finals you have to score in the top 8.

I had predicted that Abbey would place 2nd, but she placed 3rd. I predicted that Greg would be 6th and he placed 8. His kids were just so nervous. But it doesn't matter they are both going to state.

What am I doing for State? I have already looked at the scores from the Western part of the state. I've already started a detailed packing list for everyone.

Just one more week. I also just noticed this is my 301 post!!! I should have done something special. Maybe I will do a give away for the 400th.


  1. 301 posts already? I don't know how you do it. We've just barely got over 320 posts and we've been doing this for almost 4 years now.

    So they even have marching band forums? That is hardcore. Glad to hear they're both going to state! Congrats!

  2. I'm not a huge fan of surprises either. I want to know what is going on!


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