I'm biting my tongue

Remember way back when I was doing the 31 days of and everything was gloom and doom over here? Remember the post where Abbey and Greg said I was hateful? Well I've tried to be a good girl lately, just  to prove I can.

The world of facebook is really making that hard. Just this week (all 2 1/2 days of it) I have had to bite my tongue or leave the room for several comments that are just begging for me to set them straight. As you know I'd love to.

I can tolerate political posts. I can tolerate religious posts. I even read  6 reasons why girls shouldn't attend college. I managed not to post an evil comment. Because, I believe everyone has a right to their own opinion. Even if that opinion is different than my own. But there are certain things that are soooooooo hard to keep my mouth shut about. I really should win a medal this week for not punching someone in the throat.

  1. When people I hate say mean things to people I love. My ex #2 family who are major dumb asses and I hate them all. Are taking bets on how long his niece will stay in her relationship. She's 19 does it even matter? Let her have fun. She is a sweetie. They are evil snakes. There is probably a blog post in here as well. Another friend of mine who works so his wife can stay home, watching TV all day while eating and ignoring their two kids was being harassed by his wife and her backwoods, inbreed, hillbilly family because he couldn't get off of work to sit with her 24/7 because she was lonely.
  2. When People I hate say something dumb Douchey McDouchebag from the Open letter to a Douchebag was at it again this week, spewing his ignorant word vomit for all to read. I managed to only "like" the comments the other guy left.
  3. When people I hate breathe This should be self explanatory. People I hate should just be blocked from being near me in real life so I don't have to see them
  4. When dumb people repost things that aren't true. Doesn't anyone check their facts. The worst is when its about needy dogs or kids. I just can't stand to look at it. I always hit the spam button.
Lets just end it right there for now. There is more, but I'm feeling my BP rise.


  1. Haha! I always felt that way about Facebook, I hate less people now that I don't have it.


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