How Rude

In keeping with my facebook rant from yesterday, I have another story to share.

Yesterday I had a meeting in Cincinnati. Its where the main office of my company is located. Cincinnati had a promotion going where they had decorated pigs scattered around the city. Similar to what Lexington did with the Horse Mania and Chicago did with the Cow Parade. Personally I prefer the cows, I had several miniature replicas of the cows, but several moves later they are all broken :(

Anyway, I was in Cincinnati for a meeting. The place we were meeting at had a pig inside. I of course had to pose for a picture with it. How can you resist. I am a sucker for giant statues I just want to jump right in and act like a real tourist. I took this picture.

Right off the bat I though uggh I shouldn't have worn stripes. It makes me look wide. Then a friend of my dad commented to the picture when I posted it on fb to ask me which one was the pig. I have been mad about this every since. Why would someone you don't know well enough to joke with say this? Also anyone who knows me, knows I don't joke about weight. Its just too personal. He doesn't know that I've been exercising and dieting for two months now and that I weigh myself every morning and track every calorie that I consume. I have debated deleting him. I've debated just deleting the facebook completely its not making me happy


  1. They had the cow parade in Denver, too. It was pretty cool. Odd that anyone would choose pigs, but that's still a fun looking statue. Your dad's friend sounds like a dick. You look great. You'd look better if you were riding the pig, wearing a viking helmet, and holding up a sword like you were charging valiantly into an aerial battle, but for the pose, you look damn good.

  2. Oh my gosh, I can't believe someone wrote that! I would delete him, you don't need those negative people in your life! Keep your chin up!

  3. That's ridiculous!! Delete the facebook, it's not worth the headache.


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