31 days of relationships.....your hairdresser

I visited my hair dresser this evening. I have had years hell decades of awful hair. I've had hair dressers that don't listen to what I wanted and wouldn't look at the pictures I've got if what I want.

I met my current hair dresser about 9 years ago. She had just graduated from beauty school. It was love at first sight. She listens, she likes to try new things. She always does a great job. She's been through 2 husbands of mine, she's been through a boyfriend and I'm sure she will be around for several more. 

Funny thing my high school guidance counselor said I should be a hair dresser. Her exact words were "you're a pretty good you should be hair dresser"  little did she know I didn't and still don't, ever do anything to my hair. 

This is what she does for me 


  1. I've only just recently started using a regular barber again, but I don't think that's quite the same relationship.

  2. As a guy who looks really stupid with a shaved head and has ridiculously thick hair, I need my hairdresser. Yes, I said it, hairdresser. She cuts my hair really well, she's not expensive, and best of all, she doesn't try to make small talk with me. I tried the whole barber thing and they just make me end up looking like I came out of a military boot camp.

  3. I love sticking with the same hairdresser. Once you find a great one is hard to let go! ;)



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