31 days of Relationships.....The people who disappear

Yesterday was a long day for me.
  • woke up at 6 to get Abbey to the school
  • Got home almost midnight
Last year and all the years before when I would go to a competition I had Greg's assistants wife to sit with. I had known her before Greg and I got together, so that was nice. She is a great person. I loved watching competitions with her. We just had to look at each other and know what the other was thinking about the band on the field.

Her husband left as assistant this year so Greg has a new assistant (that's a girl, so I have no new wife to sit with) The only other time I have seen their band this year I was working the competition because it was the competition that Abbey's band hosts. I sat with Abbey for this.

I was feeling this loss of Jan yesterday. I wore Greg's shirt to the field since Abbey went on later, I took hers. I saw a parent I didn't know sitting in the stand wearing one of Greg's shirt so I sat down beside her. She said I am (insert name here) I'm (kids) mom, which one is yours. I said none I am Greg's girl friend. She said oh yeah I haven't seen you this year. She sat there maybe 2 more minutes and then got up and left. So I sat there alone. Missing Jan and wondering why these people can't stand me.

A few minutes later I see my former pastor and his wife start up the stands. I hadn't seen them in years. I'm Methodist and our pastors move around. He was my pastor in my hometown and then was transferred to the town that I work in. So they've been my pastor for two different churches. They were transferred a few years ago to a few hours away. I miss these people. They are such good people. We have kid the same age too. Their child is in band and were competing too. (their child's school actually came in 1st overall) They have a great show. It was awesome. Greg's band ended up performing at finals and so did Abbey's and my pastors child. But there was a break between prelims and finals. Greg took his kids to change clothes since they performed early. I had no where to go for an hour. So I walked back to my office and ate alone at my desk. Yeah its a depressing as it sounds. I felt like this.

My point is, people leave your life sometimes not because they want to, but because circumstances make it so. When they are able to come back into your life its so nice. Sometimes it works out timing wise that you are missing someone really bad, and someone else comes to make it better. I really needed that yesterday.

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