31 days of relationships.....teenage love

It's hard to blog when you are gone from 6am-11pm. But today was an interesting day to observe relationships. 

I spent all day around teenagers. They sure like the PDA. Everything is so intense life or death. Nothing is just ehh. But thy seem so tolerant of things that seem odd to me. How is it that a teenage girl can date a guy, wear another guys shirt and it be ok? I would flip out if Greg wore something of another girl. Which I guess goes against what I just said about them being ehh. I guess it's just that they are so high strung about minor things. 

Today I saw Ron Jeremy's twin. He touched  my hand and told me about growing up in the next town. It was pretty awesome. I wanted a pic with him, and to tell him I'm a big fan :) 

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  1. You're a big fan of Ron Jeremy? Or you just wanted to tell him that?


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