31 days of Relationships.......My lovey

There is 1 guy that has always been there for me.

Never complains about anything.

Has loved me from the moment he saw me and has loved me every second since.

He is kinda furry.

He could use a hair cut

He could also stand a bath.

But I love him right back. Mostly because I think he would fight a bear for me.....any bear, not just a stuffed one from build a bear.

See once upon a time, I worked for a home health agency and I was doing a home visit and this little guy would not let me do my job. He wanted me to hold him, and kiss him, and only pay attention to him. When I got ready to leave, but patient said go ahead and take him, he likes you better than me anyway. And that's where my love of little furball Shih Tzus started.

People without pets miss out on the weird relationship that pet owners have with their furbabies. I am so happy that Westley made me be his owner.


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