31 days of Relationships.....Coworkers

I love my job. I may or may not have mentioned that before. It is without a doubt the job I dreamed of having when I was in college. Its a answer to so many prayers that I get to do what I do. There are only about 16 people in the whole state that do my job. I love my coworker. The one I share my office with and the ones that work out of other offices. I also love all the counterparts to my job across the state. How many people can say that?

Before I got this job I was working with some great people at my center. I was teaching Head Start and I loved the kids and most of the parents. My bosses were nightmares. They were the rudest people ever. They did as little as possible, demanding out of this world expectations and gave you nothing to work with. My room would have never had anything had I not brought it from home. It was terrible working conditions. They also loved to tear you down. On top of that I would have made more money had I been working at McDonalds. I kid you not. I had a BS and was making less than 20 thousand a year. Don't even ask me how I survived. I am just damn good budgeting money when I have to. If you want to hear me talk about Brain Development from conception to age three or the correct way to teach Thanksgiving and other Winter Holidays let me know and I can sign you up to attend the conference.  

Since I love my current boss and my coworkers so much I've thought often about the difference between this job and the last and have come up with some ways to be a good boss and coworker. Just in case you have a coworker that you can't get along with you can show them my list.

Top 10 ways to be the best coworker

1. Respect quiet time. If your coworker looks busy they probably are. Don't pick that time to tell them all about your night.
2. Listen to them. If they are telling you the same story for the 20th time its ok to politely say I've heard about your grandma's bunion surgery before, lets talk about me for while.
3. Ask before using something. We have a mini fridge in the office and we keep drinks in. If one of us runs out of something to drink we ask before taking anything that belongs to our coworker
4. Don't be stingy. If your coworker is asking to borrow something don't say no if its not a big deal
5. Do nice things for each other. We always do little things for each other. For an example she was on a conference call this week, but wanted some coffee. I was going down the hall anyway, so I brought her back some coffee.
6. Be up front about your feelings. If you are having a bad day, just go ahead and say it. That way when you started running around the room screaming you won't make her think she caused the freak out by bringing up the bunion story again
7. Keep your mouth shut. It may be tempting to gossip but don't. Don't gossip to them or about them. It just causes drama that doesn't need to be there
8. Do something fun together that isn't just work. My coworker and I walk together. We are both trying to lose weight so we've been each others weight lose support system.
9. Do your share. Don't leave your work for your coworker. My coworker and I do different things. We have different titles and different roles and responsibilities so this is easy for us. We each have our own thing to do. But if you work in a place with several people who all do the same thing, don't ask them to do your work for you.
10. Offer to be a sounding board for their ideas. We bounce stuff off of each other all the time and get some of our best ideas from brain storming.


  1. I actually rather like not having any coworkers.

  2. What a great post! I love your blog!

    Feel free to visit my blog as well! <3



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