31 days of Relationships.....Blogger Friends

Sometimes in life you may meet people. But maybe you can't actually say you've met them because you've never actually seen them, or spoken to them, and you may not be 100% convinced they really exist at all. Nonetheless, they become a part of your day. If are like me your day looks something like this.
  • Wake up.
  • Fight with little people who are trying to steal your favorite clothes.
  • Feed the animals who try to steal your breakfast.
  • Work where you wonder why someone won't steal anything off your to-do list,
  • And finally, Catch up on some serious reading
By serious I mean my favorite blogs. My day is not complete until I have read what Stephanie is doing over at Not Entirely Perfect or Sarah at Venus Trapped in Mars, or Bryan and Brandon at A Beer for the Shower. Yesterday I had a fantastic surprise, (ok not a surprise since I bought it, and they told me to expect it) Bryan and Brandon's book, a collection of short stories called,  The Graveyard Shift came in the mail. I can't put it down. It is FANTASTIC! You can buy it here. I even had mine signed. I was the first, unless they are telling everyone that. In that case I'm a little sad.

I suggest you stop in an visit Stephanie, Sarah, and Brandon and Bryan. They will make you laugh, and nod your head in agreement with their take on life and who can't use a good laugh. But if you are wanting to be freaked out definitely buy the Graveyard Shift. You won't be disappointed. I read the Bedridden Honeymoon before bed.....totally did NOT expect that ending. Then after I thought about it awhile I sat up in bed thinking ewwww......and then went and got a plate of cookies.


  1. <3 I read you every day too! I'm glad you like me :)

  2. The Beer guys are favorites of mine. Brian has an exclusive story at the back of one of my books, and you can't knock that. I'll have to check out the other two you mentioned.

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention and the kind words! We're also glad to hear you're enjoying (and getting grossed out) by the book. Anyone who can read Bedridden Honeymoon, think about it, and then still eat afterwards is okay by us.


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