31 days of relationships....Band Edition

I know I mentioned yesterday that I spent an ungodly number of hours with hormonal teenagers who were all in love. Well today I want to talk about the friendships that are made between the different bands. When I was in school we had 60 some members. We were GREAT. I loved it. I met so many people from different schools it was sooo fun.

Abbey has met people from other schools too and since the world of technology is what it is, she can be fb, twitter, and instagram friends with everyone before the competition is even over. Our guide yesterday was such a sweet girl and she kept telling Abbey that her hair was so pretty and she was so pretty. The girl is getting a big head.

My old high school was there. They get better every time I see them and that makes me happy. They still have a long way to go to be competitive, but at least its moving in the right direction. I got thinking today about how people I went to school with are complaining about the band and about how they aren't the same as when they were there. Its insulting to the kids out there working hard. To be it borders on bullying. So I wrote a note for my facebook to tell former members how that is not right. I know that people are passionate, and people have their own opinions. But its still not right.

I’ve heard people complaining that the band isn’t as good as it was when they were in band. Well here is a news flash. No year thinks the years after theirs is as good. I’m sure members of Central’s Marching band during the years of the 100+ members, died inside seeing my years of 60+ members. The truth is we all have fond memories of our band years and so will the years to come. That is what is important. No decade will have the same experience because marching band is ever changing. Themes and techniques that worked in the 80’s-90’s will simply put, be laughed off the field now. If you find yourself moaning about band, I challenge you to come to a competition and watch from start to finish and I bet you have a new appreciation for what the kids have accomplished and what obstacles they have to face in order to put a show that can compete with others on the field. I suggest instead of complaining then offer to help. Offer to share what your experience and talents you have. Help it be what it was when you were there.

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  1. I can pretty much guarantee that I will never complain about band.


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