31 days of Relationships.......10 things my 2nd Divorce taught me

Ok yesterday I talked about how I just don't know how to work on a relationship. I should clarify I wasn't referring to the everyday compromises like you want chicken and I want lasagna, or when one of you puts the toilet paper facing the wrong way. I was talking about when things are a little larger.

I started to tell a story about marriage number 2 but honestly it still makes me mad to think about, so I think I'll save the story for another day and skip on ahead to what it all taught me.

1. If someone seems perfect and like everything you've ever wanted then its probably not real. The phrase too good to be true exists for a reason

2. Listen to your kids or friends and family. If they are voicing massive concern then you need to run. My sister and children all told me it was a train wreck waiting to happen. I didn't listen

3. The house is not everything. I loved the house, I still love the house. I miss the deck that hung over the driveway nestled into the trees. I miss the cathedral ceilings and the open floor plan. I miss it all. It was like my own personal tree house

4. If your walking down the aisle thinking of someone else (Greg) then you shouldn't be walking down the aisle

5. In laws can break a relationship. My mother in law was the devil. I hate this women.

6. You don't have to cut everyone out of your life. He had the most amazing niece. I loved her so much. She was so much like me. I still have her in my life.

7. How strong I am....AGAIN! It was hard to leave. It was hard to admit that I made a huge mistake. In the end I joked about it. I made my mistake become a story on how inept I am at relationships

8.If they apologize and want you back, be suspicious. Either they don't remember how bad it was, or they are so lonely they don't care

9. There are some things I can not and will not "get over" no matter how much time passes and that is hurting my children. Especially when the pre planning of it is lied about. My ex mother in law is a bitch and I hate that woman. Its been years and I still would punch her in the face for making my girls cry and ask me over and over why they don't like them.

10. That I have will power. You have no idea how much I wanted to cause massive destruction to my mother in law and by extension the husband because among one things my mother in law invited us to a Christmas party and then preceded to allow the other children in presence to open about 30 presents a piece in front of my children and  then call me names because I was angry that they were rude and thoughtless

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  1. Oh, I miss that house for you just from that tiny description.

    (And I'm going to answer that email (probably right now); I just haven't had a chance to yet. (It's been one of those weekends so far.))


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