Things that annoy me.....Helicopter parents

I don’t feel like doing a weekend recap today. You aren’t missing anything anyway. It’s the first Monday of Fall and no one in my house wanted to get up and go to work/school today. So today I thought I’d give you a little insight into something that annoys me.

 Helicopter parents. Aren’t sure what a helicopter parent is? It’s the hovering parent. A helicopter parent is the parent that has no life of their own so their children become their sole purpose for waking up each morning. Here are 15 signs that you may be a helicopter parent.
  1. You call your child’s college professor because they are sick and won’t be able to make it to their test today
  2. Your baby is 5 years old and you still try to feed them so they won’t get their clothes dirty.
  3. Your two year old still can’t walk, because her feet never touch the floor for fear of germs, or falling
  4. You are involved with every argument between your child and their friends because you don’t want anyone’s feeling hurt
  5. You post on social media about how you dislike your children’s boyfriends/girlfriends and give details why
  6. You don’t make your children go to practice when they do sports if they don’t feel like it
  7. You don’t make your children do anything if they don’t  feel like it
  8. They won’t let their children participate in dangerous sports like swimming (they could drown) or Basketball (they may fall) don’t even suggest football it’s out of the question. Their child can have no discomfort
  9. You fix a separate dinner for your child because they don’t like what the rest of the family is eating
  10. Your child has never stayed with a babysitter....or even their grandparents because they may let them watch tv, or eat sweets
  11. Your school age child still bed shares with you, because they may have a nightmare
  12. Your children's friends have to come to your house for playdates
  13. Your child is 17 and has never seen a PG movie
  14. You have no friends because your child is your BFF
  15. You lay your high schoolers clothes out for them every day....and they don't wear a uniform

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  1. One of my childhood best friends had helicopter parents. They followed him EVERYWHERE, and it was downright embarrassing. His parents just wanted to make sure that he didn't do anything bad... and now that he's out on his own, he's a pot-smoking burn-out hippie who works as a stockboy at Walmart. How did they NOT see that coming?


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