The big 2-0

Apparently I have a big high school reunion coming up next year. I say apparently because in my mind there is no possible way I can be that old vintage. Yet, I’ve been added to a fb group to plan this reunion. People are sharing old pictures and stories and it got me thinking. I know, that is dangerous. The world has changed a lot since graduation day. I’m going to walk you through my world back in *cough, cough* 1994.

 Computers were a BIG deal. My great uncle had the only store in town you could buy a computer. I didn’t even own one yet. I had never heard of the internet, or email. To save stuff you used a floppy disk...that wasn’t very floppy.

Cell phones were in a bag or in your car. Not many people even had one. I dated a guy that had a phone in his truck, but when I used it once and he had a 200 bill I wasn’t allowed to use it again.

CD’s were new. I remember getting our first CD player was a huge deal.  (so was our hair)

 There was hyper color clothing.....shirts that changed colors depending on body heat. There were also Coed Naked shirts....I actually miss those.

All the cool kids had a separate phone line from their parents.

Cost of a gallon of Gas $1.09

OJ Simpson had his famous slow speed chase in his white ford bronco
Major League Baseball Players Association begin a strike that caused there to be no MLB that year (although I can’t say I missed it)

Lisa Marie Presley married Michael Jackson and nearly caused the world to puke when  they kissed at the MTV awards

Kurt Cobain committed suicide and ironically it had nothing to do with the Lisa Presley/Michael Jackson kiss.....but maybe it really did.
or maybe it had something to do with the tragic fashion and hair we all had.
These pictures from the past have got to stop, I am having nightmares.


  1. Hahah these pictures are fantastic! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Oh these are great photos!! I was young in the 90s but I certainly remember these things. My friend had a separate phone line, I thought she was so cool.


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