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My favorite quote is really a motto I live by. "How stressed you are is directly related to how out of control you feel."

Lets be honest here, if you know me in real life you may call me a control freak. Its not that I necessarily WANT to be in control of everything, its just I don't like feeling like everything is not 100% taken care of. I struggle with this.I want to take over whenever I see
  • People complain about a problem
  • struggling with things I find easy
  • doing sub par work or sub par to me work
I then try to talk them into letting me know it. When my offer of help gets turned down because they think I am heavy handed in my method of helping (and I admit I am) I feel stressed and anxious because I want things to always run smoothly.

I know I need to step back and let people live their own lives, mistakes and all. But, boy is it hard.

Things that make other people feel stressed but doesn't stress me out is

Being president of the PTO
Being an active member of the band booster
A tight schedule
Bad hair days

Things that have no business stressing me out usually makes me fret all day. Like stepping on a scale. Ok so I don't fret but I hate it (and yet I do it every morning) I know what needs to be done but refuse to actually follow through. I have a million excuses. Like I don't like exercising alone, I'm on the go every day I don't usually get home from everything until 7 then I have to help the girls with the last of their homework, feed them, and then they get ready for bed. I don't have any down time until after 9.

Dropping Abbey's cat Katniss off at the vet. She is getting fixed today and I have put it off and worried about it. I am sure that the vet knows what he is doing. He had 3 dogs getting fixed before her, but she is family and she is so little (only 6 pounds) and she has always been a scared little kitty that doesn't really warm up to people. So I will sit here all day and worry and stress about her. I kept telling her what was going on but she was still a shaking mess.

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