Labor day recap

I had such big plans for my long weekend. The first weekend I haven't had plans to be away from home in almost a month. I have only one more weekend before my weekends are non existent until November. I had a looooong to do list.
  • clean out my closet and get it organized. Greg has a tee shirt collection like no one else I know. I actually separated them into 3 different piles on the shelf. He has the school related tees (Morehead, Tennessee, and the school he teaches at. Then there is the alcohol related, and finally the nascar tees.) He has them all mixed up at the moment and it drives me
  • Paint the decorative Urns outside
  • Pressure wash, and re stain the deck
  • Clean out the storage building and take all the junk to goodwill
  • clean out my car
  • paint the bathroom
You get the idea........

What I actually did was hang the wreath I made
 I posted the pic on facebook and have gotten several people wanting me to make one for them. I'll post a tutorial later this week. Its actually easier than you may think.

I did about 200 loads of laundry and then put together two shelves to hold Greg's CD's. I needed another shelve but I bought all they had, so now I have to go back.

disregard the layer of dust on the CD stand. I never touch anything related to his music....well until this weekend.
I woke up with a migraine today and laid in bed until 3 until I finally broke down and took a prescription migraine pill. I have no idea what I would do without these. It pretty much killed my momentum. But I did manage to read an entire Sophia Kinsella book between napping and holding a cold cloth on my head. I pretty much looked like this.
Rapunzel had a migraine too.....and she got a hair cut.
There are 2 blog challenges going on this month and I am thinking about taking part (although one has already started) I may do it hit or miss. While May was fun I felt stressed about posting every single day and sometimes I just didn't feel like writing on my weekend. 

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