How having a teenager is like having a bad roommate.

Yesterday was so serious. I don't like being serious for too long. So lets talk about something fun today. Lets talk about teenagers. Shhhhhh lets keep it a secret, but......I have a teenager, and a thinks she's a teenager. I don't ever want to look old enough to have a child her age.

My mom use to say one of these days I'd have a child just like me. My sister is smart and only has a sweet ball of fur so I have one of each of us. Yeah, I'm super lucky. One evening while waiting on Abbey to get finished with practice I starting thinking about how having a teenager is a lot like having a really bad roommate. I came up with 5. This is all in good fun.

Top 10 ways having a teenager is a lot like having a bad roommate.

  1. Dirty dishes in the sink.
  2. They expect you to do the laundry and put it away
  3. They think its a restaurant.  Emmy actually said "I'm like a man, I like to come home to my favorite food, hot and ready. Then I want a nap." Ummm yeah right.
  4. They borrow your clothes and break them. Example Grey flats with a strap and button on the side. The button fell off and she didn't tell me, she just taped the shoe back together and never said a word when she saw me put them on for work.
  5. They ask for money and never pay their portion of the bills. Kids are expensive. Especially when they are in activities. Although I must say I do love how her straight white teeth look.
  6. They expect you to chauffeur them everywhere...and their friends. At least I know where she is right?
  7. Before long she will want to borrow my car and not fill it back up with gas
  8. The house always looks like we just had a  party, that I wasn't invited to.
  9. They have expectations about your expectations for them. Emmy got her report card. It was actually awesome compared to what I expected. (believe it or not she got a B in READING!!! yeah I was stunned. Happily stunned. Her teacher keeps saying how much she LOVES to talk. I talked to her and said your report card is good, but you know we need to work on the talking. She said that she works on the 4 B's (Bacon, Bribes, Bedtime extensions, and in Chick a biddy the local Froyo shop) I said ok I work on the Big P. She looked confused and I explained Poop! walking Westley and scooping his poop and cleaning the litter box will now be her jobs, whenever she gets a note saying she was talking.
  10. Ok there is really only 9. But 10 sounds like a nice number for a list.

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  1. Haha!! Yep, sounds just like a bad roommate. They're so cute though, they look just like you :)


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