High Five for Friday

Its Friday! I love Friday's, especially Friday's that Abbey doesn't have a football game and I can come home at a decent time. I'm also loving Friday's because it means I can link up with Lauren Elizabeth and H54F

This is the first weekend of Marching Band competitions. Which means I have no weekends free until November. Its a good thing that I think competitions are fun.

1. I helped Greg work instrument rentals for the middle school. I talked several kids into trying the Clarinet. Because Clarinet is awesome :)

2. While working rentals I noticed a poster that listed famous people that play an instrument and then listed what instrument they played. My favorite villain from Days of Our Lives apparent not only played Clarinet but played in the Metropolitan Opera in N.Y.C for two years.

3. I didn't cuss out Direct TV even after having one of my genies stopped working this week AND billing issues....oh yeah and shitty customer service. I know I've said it before, I can't wait until I can get out of my contract.
4. Katniss gets her stitches out this week. She can't wait to act like her old self again

5. I got a training developed. I'm excited about. You should totally come to Kentucky and take my training. Its called Learning in Motion. Its all about using motion to teach concepts.

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