Happy Monday

Its rainy and chilly here.

I actually had to turn the lights on when I came into the office. We have skylights and usually don't even need to turn the lights on, but today its too deary to leave them off.

I had a great weekend. Abbey's band did awesome! They won their class. The only bands that beat them over all were the bigger bands. Bands are classified by school size it goes from A-5A. Abbey's band was 3A last year, this year they are 4A. Greg is a 2A. Which is good since his Guard instructor and several parents already hate me. I'd be public enemy #1 if we competed against each other. Abbey sounded amazing. That kid has talent. Believe me it is sooooo hard to to say Abbey stop when she starts drumming....on my couch...car seat.....table.....I should be lucky the drum is in her room, and she does use her practice pad a lot. I took a pic but sadly I don't have the sd card with me, you 'll have to wait on a pic.

I managed to sneak off from the competition for a few hours and stop in Hobby Lobby. That store is murder on my checking account. I also got to watch some of the ball games. I forgot that the UK/UofL game was in Lexington and I was on Nicholasville when the game let out. How stupid was that.

Sunday I hung a shelf in my closet so my purses can have a nice home....I need a bigger shelf already.I also need to take a week off and deep clean my house. Not getting home until late every night and only having Sunday's free is making my house look like a frat party just happened. I also made an Asian salad. OMG I love it. I could eat this all day long. Thankfully no one else in my house liked it. So I don't have to share
I have lots of interesting posts planned for this week. I'm trying my hand  at planning a week at a time. Baby steps, baby steps.

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  1. Is one of those posts this week a recipe for that Asian salad? It looks pretty damn tasty...


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