This has been the fastest week in the history of my weeks. I feel like I just did a H54F post. Don't get me wrong I am NOT complaining. I love weekends. I'll love them more when November gets  here and I don't have to spend all of Saturday (every Saturday) at a competition. I have fun at them, but damn sometimes I want to sleep in.

So my week.....where to begin.

1. My sister reminded me that yesterday was the anniversary of me sending her a text that said "Hello my name is Inigo Montoya, you are my owner, prepare to love" She an I name our dogs after the Princess Bride. (best movie EVER) I have Westley and she had Princess Buttercup. Last year I accidentally ran over Princess Buttercup. I am still torn up over it. I loved her to pieces. You can read about it here. But I warn you its depressing. Anyway, Heather's birthday is just days from now, so I knew I wanted to get her a new lovey. She sent me a text saying she was looking at shih Tzu puppies (because we have a thing for the little fur balls) I called the number of a place that had a puppy to see if they had any left. She said she had one and I said hold him for me. I called Heather back and said, they just sold the last one. She said yesterday was the anniversary of my giving her lil Inigo. But I went back and read in the blog that it was really the 12. But hey its ok. She can celebrate whatever day she wants. I usually never re read my blog posts, but when I was looking for the post about buttercup I noticed a post about catching up on movies I want to watch. There were 14. Guess how many I've watched in the last year....3 that's sad. I really need to carve out some movie time.

2. I didn't say anything, because I didn't want anyone to worry. Abbey has had a headache for awhile now. She says 4 months, but after thinking about it, I realize its just a few months. She has band every day but Wednesdays so we finally got her in to see the dr. I have migraines, my sister has migraines. Our dr knows this, so he asked questions expecting to get migraine symptoms....nope. He kept asking hoping to get stress headache related answers.....nope. He was getting a little confused. He asked her if it hurt when he touched her head, she said yes. Headache staying steady, not really throbbing, no other symptoms. He scheduled us for an MRI later that day, and put her on an anti seizure med to stop the spasms in her veins. Abbey was a trooper when she went in to the MRI. Here she is taking a selfie of herself. Today we got the results (she texted me 200 times while she was at school, impatiently waiting for the results). Apparently she has had a sinus infection every since we all had that cold a couple months ago. I was stunned, she hasn't had any symptoms of a sinus infection either. Except for the pain. Poor baby. I'm just glad we know what it is.

3. I may have mentioned that I'm president of the middle school PTO. I had a meeting on Monday that went great. I refuse to do fundraisers where you have to sale stuff door to door. I suck at selling stuff. We just wrapped up our tee shirt order. Who doesn't like wearing a shirt with their school name on it? Especially when its also a keep calm shirt. We also have a bake sale planned for literacy night at the school, and a car/bike show.  The principle liked the idea of the car show so much he offered to donate some really old trophies for us to recycle. Downside is I've never even been to a car show before, so any and all ideas are welcome.

4. I mentioned this yesterday, but I have been walking. That's a BIG deal for me. I am really anti exercise, I finally realized that I'm not getting any skinnier while sitting on the couch. I'm starting small. A 20 minute power walk at least once a day. I actually felt bummed the day I couldn't walk because I was busy. If someone told me a month ago that I would actually be sad that I didn't get to walk, I'd have laughed at you. Its become therapeutic for me. I use to be a competitive swimmer. Being in the pool doing 200 million laps a day was where I would think. No one can bother you when your head is underwater. Since I've stopped swimming I haven't had that time to just let my mind wander. Its nice to have that back to some degree.

5. Its sad but I actually can't think of a 5th thing except that it is Friday and even though I'm not going to get to sleep in, and its suppose to rain all weekend, I may just actually get a movie watched. Of course Since Its Friday I am linking up with Lauren Elizabeth
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  1. Aww well I'm glad Abbey is ok! Her taking the selfie is hilarious, I love it.


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