Guys you absolutely should avoid

Sometimes you may be desperate drunk, and think the following guys may be a good idea. I'm here to show you the error of that thinking. Here are 6 guys you should avoid. You may think you can change them, but you can't. Trust me. I've dating and in some cases married a few of these. Also be warned that sometime a guy can be both. In the case of a guy I married divorced that was both a mama’s boy and a commitment enthusiast. It was the mama’s boy behavior that finally did him in. That is a post all its own.

The Player You probably already know to avoid the player, you see him out with a different girl every weekend. He is the life of the party and makes everything look so fun. It’s easy to want to be around the player. He makes every girl he is with feel like number 1. You will be one of many standing in line. I have a friend that is a player. Whenever he is on the phone with a girl we ask him if he's talking to number 1,2,3,4 or 5. He's a nice guy, just not great to date unless you like sharing.

The commitment phobic He may have a long term relationship with you, but that's as far as it will go. Once it starts getting serious he will start looking for a way out. Think George Clooney. He is fun, but if you want it to go somewhere you need to look somewhere else. He may make you feel like you are the one that could get him to settle down, but in the end there will be some reason he can't follow through with the commitment.

The commitment enthusiast He is the complete opposite of the commit phobic guy. This guy wants to get married after 2 dates. He may have a few ex wives in the past and is looking to have another wife ASAP. He either is terrified of being alone, or he is just bad at relationships. It’s possible he keeps choosing the wrong women and will finally stay married once he finds the right girls, but this is extremely unlikely. He will flatter you and wait until you let your guard down and then spring. He knows all the right things to say to get you to fall head over heels for him. Once he has you, he changes completely and will make you regret ever saying yes. Now you may be thinking.....Holly, don't you have a couple of ex husbands? Yes I do....and we aren't analyzing me today. Maybe, tomorrow.

The one who thinks he is GODS gift to women He is pretty and he knows it. He is similar to the player except he may feel like no one is good enough for him and remain single. He won't hesitate to tell you all the good things about himself and may spend more time in front of the mirror getting ready than you do. He is vain, and you will spend all of your time trying to be as good looking as he thinks he is.

The Creepy Stalker Need I even explain this one? If he knows your every move you need to run. It may be flattering that he knows the name of the color your hair dresser uses, that he knows everything about you from the moment you were born, but wake up and realize that this is crazy. Being someones priority is one thing, being the only thing that they wake up for is another.

The Mama's boy He will check in with mom before any major event. What mom says is law and when you disagree with her watch out. Mom always comes first. He will ask mom her opinion on everything from your love life to what color curtains to buy. You don't need to be competing for his attention for the rest of your life. You also don't need to be compared to her every waking moment. Do yourself a favor and go ahead and leave before you get attached, or find yourself knifed in the shower like psycho.


  1. Haha so true!! Glad you didn't stay married to those crazies.

  2. Yes, very true! That stalker picture frightened me a bit!

  3. yes! those are all guys i'd want to avoid!

  4. I hope I'm not any of those. That commitment enthusiast is hilarious. We recently found out a friend of ours is one of those - when he started dating a mutual female friend and told her after 2 dates they should move in together. Yikes.

  5. Dude. Where the hell was this list when I was 19-years-old?!?! Bahahahah!

    1. Where was it when I was 19. I hate that I had to learn trial and error. I'm still adding guys to avoid to the list. Shew there is bound to be someone out there.....right?


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