Exercise.....and the recipe to my asian salad

One of the things on my 101/1001 list was to develop an exercise routine and stick to it. I am very anti exercise. I would rather be curled up on my couch reading or watching junk on tv. Bad news is I've gained weight. I'm not happy about that. So finally I  talked myself into doing something about it.

I bought a pedometer. I make it a goal to walk a few short times a day. I felt like if I was doing 20 minute bursts that it doesn't really feel like exercise. It also adds up. I've been exceeding the 10,000 steps that is supposedly recommended. I've also been using the desk bike I bought for my office. I make it a point to pedal about 30 minutes a day. So far I've not seen the difference on the scale, but I do feel better. I feel a little proud of myself.

Emmy walks with me, but she pretty much just listens to her music and ignores me.

I've tried eating better too. I don't keep BBQ chips in my house anymore and limiting my dr pepper to just 2 cans a day. Some days I slip up and have 4 but I really am trying not to let that set me back. On Monday I mentioned that I made an Asian salad that was great. So here is the recipe.
Rip back open, add the dressing and almonds that are sealed inside the bag....enjoy.


  1. I've been thinking about getting one of these too. I'm not big on exercising either but I think if I can see what I'm doing and have a foal in mind (like 10,000 steps) that will help. Where do you get one? LOL to the Asian salad recipe!

  2. My favorite kind of recipe! Thanks for humoring me!

    Exercise results take time, so hang in there. You'll see them soon enough.


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