Direct TV is the devil.

I absolutely hate Direct TV. I have only had them since March and its been one issue after another.
March, April and May my bill was 82. then June it was 131. I realized that I forgot to cancel the movie channels so I called to have them removed.
This is when it all went down hill. They credited my account and it then became 32.18. July my power supply stopped working. It took a week before the tech could come fix it. My bill for August was 135. Because even though I had the protection plan they billed me for the visit. I called and complained, and changed my plan to a lower plan because I figured it they were going to keep over billing me I'd rather start with a lower amount. I chose the original plan to get Discovery fit and health. I realized that that I never watch it, so what the point paying for the bigger plan. Next the box in the girls room stopped working.
It took several days for the new box to get to me.  My September bill (with me going down 2 plans) was 105. I called today to complain AGAIN. The first person I spoke to transferred me, The second guy didn't even say he was transferring me he just transferred me. At first I thought he had hung up on me.The third person I spoke to said I need to go up a package and she could add the promo I had before. I agreed. Guess what?!? They didn't add the promo so my bill went up to 115.
 I would call back but honestly I am so angry and frustrated at them.


  1. I'm getting angry just reading this. I'd totally snap.

  2. Man, this is not helping my case. I'm shopping around for TV and so far Direct TV seemed like the top contender. All the other ones are either too expensive or don't have the right channels. But then again, aren't all of them overpriced?

  3. Dang. I'm sorry. I use Cox Communications and my bill has raised too. It drives me insane.


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