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Bear with me while I rant awhile. I’m use to being treated bad at Walmart. Its Walmart they are known for that. I once waited 25 minutes for someone to help me at the site to store department. I finally gave up and left. The exact same thing happened when I wanted to have paint mixed and employees walked past me and never once asked me if I needed help. I flagged down two people and were told that wasn’t their department. I gave up and went to Lowe's.


But its spreading, apparently businesses have so much business that they don’t care to be nice to the people giving them money. Yesterday It was one business right after another.


I took Katniss to get fixed. When I made the appointment they said it would be 75.00. When I picked her up the total was 112. But the kicker was 1. They don’t take checks due to the large amount of bad checks. 2. They add 3% on top of your total if you use your debit/credit card. I was told none of this. I NEVER have cash. It just so happened that I had enough yesterday to cover the cost of the visit. I wouldn’t have complained about the 112. As long as I knew that in advance and knew that I needed it in cash. Is it so hard to let a person know this when they make the appointment, or even when they are dropping the pet off so they can have time to run to the bank.


I mentioned I had cash. Greg pretty much only uses cash and he takes all his change and puts it in a container. When the container is full we usually roll it and cash it in for “real money” I noticed last time I was there that my bank had a change machine in the lobby. So I volunteer to take it there instead of taking the time to roll it. When I’m done it gives me a receipt and I take it to the counter. They charged me a 5% fee to use the machine. They did nothing except take the receipt and give me cash. I could see charging extra if they did something. But, it was me that sat there for 20 minutes waiting for it to finish.


As if that wasn’t bad enough, I was looking at houses closer to my work. I am beyond tired of leaving at 7 and returning at 7. Emmy gets no time to just be a kid. When she gets home it’s basically eat, bath and bed. Occasionally she walks Westley. Greg’s criteria are big enough for us to spread out, not so close to neighbors that the drums would cause someone to call the police on us, and he’d love move in ready. I’d prefer one that needs a little bit of work if that means we get it cheaper. But I still say he paid 20 thousand too much for his house. The house I found had a HUGE deck and a decent yard and no close neighbors. It did need some work and I was ok with that. I got him to agree to look at it. This weekend is the last weekend we have semi free (he has practice) until November, so it was now or then. I called the agent and she said (in a snotty voice) ”I require you to make an appointment with me 2-3 weeks in advance. I have tickets to a football game this weekend and I won’t be able to show you the house. I guess I could call around and see if someone would be willing to show it to you. But It would be better for me if we could make an appointment for a few weeks. I said we have band competitions every Saturday until November there is no way. She said what about during the week. I said nope we have practice until 6 everyday and then we’d have to drive back here which is in a different town. She said Well I’d have to drive from a different town too what’s the big deal. Hmmm ok the big deal is obviously you aren’t interested in selling this house because you’ve pissed me off. A better way of handling this situation is to say, “I’ll be out of town this weekend, but I’d be happy to ask around to see if someone else can show it to you. I’m at the point right now that I wouldn’t buy a house from her if it was a mansion for 2 dollars.


On a side note. Katniss was doing well last night she is obviously sore, but she climbed the cat tree and sat at the top. I tried to tell her that the dr said no climbing or jumping but she didn’t listen to me.

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  1. Ugh I hate horrible customer service. And I'm pretty patient too, cause hello working for minimum wage for hours and hours on your feet at Target probably sucks and I totally get that. But when I'm kind and patient and someone is working at something like being a realtor, there's no excuse. That's not minimum wage, that's how you're making a living, your career. Sell the damn house you nut job!


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