31 days of......

About 2 hours ago I saw the 31 days of challenge/link up over at the nesting place. I wanted to do a challenge in September but you know, life kinda happened. I must be absolutely insane to even THINK about doing anything in October. Its the last month of marching season. Its when everything gets kicked into high gear, its when we have regionals.....and state. Its when I have even less time to breathe than usual. Yet hear I am seriously considering doing this challenge.

The basics. You pick a topic and write about that topic for 31 days. Sounds fun.....sounds time consuming....sounds like I've decided to do it.

Then I have to think....What the crap am I going to write about for a month? I went back and forth on topics. I thought about Home....that gives me options. I thought about outfits. Then I remembered I'm not a fashion blogger.  I decided on the broad topic of relationships.

Because relationships can be almost anything it can be the smooshy lovey dovey make someone want to vomit love.
Relationships  can be bad and not lovey at all

Relationships can be platonic with no romance at all
So here is to the beginning of my attempt to write about relationships all month long. You know I am an expert on this subject so it should be enlightening for everyone.


  1. Marching season? I'm assuming there must be something in here somewhere about that, but I don't have time to look, right now.
    But I am interested in what you'll have to say about relationships for a whole month, so I'm in.

  2. You should have just wrote about marching season.

    1. true but I didn't think I had it in me to write about it everyday and live it every day. I need a break sometimes.


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