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I totally needed a topic to write about today and saw Stephanie's post.....and promptly stole it. Thanks!!

1. what's your favorite tv show currently on netflix?
I like Drop Dead Diva but honestly I rarely watch netflix. I did get a message saying season 5 of my Fair Wedding was on netflix now, so I guess thats what I'm doing this weekend.

2. what color do you look the best in?
I've heard Green's. I'm guessing that is because of the red hair and green eyes. I mostly wear black though.

3. which disney princess (the animated kind, not the miley cyrus kind) are you most like?
this is a tough one. I would say Merida (from Brave) because neither of us listen and want to do whatever it is we are told not to do....and I still think in Disney fashion that ancient bear should have turned back into a prince and they should have gotten together. But since I don't believe in happily ever after it fits more with my life.

4. favorite cartoon to watch growing up?

5. go to drink at a coffee shop?
gag! I hate coffee. But we have a cute little shop half a block from my office called the Fuzzy Duck (or just the Duck if you are local)

6. favorite blog(s) you've found recently that you want to share?
7. first store you look at when you have money to spend?
8. what's your instagram account? so i can follow you of course.
hollysgrass, but I warn you I am very random about posting

9. thing about fall you're most looking forward to?
Boots....and sweaters

10. what's your favorite thing to win in blog giveaways? (gearing up for the return of my sponsor giveaways come November)
I never win anything :(

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  1. Well hopefully you'll win one of mine! Starting November it'll be every month :)
    Love your Disney princess answer. I totally see you as Merida, I love her.
    I love My Fair Wedding! I didn't know a new season was up, thanks!! Or no thanks I guess, since I'll now marathon it.


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