Why I'm getting tired of Face Book

I use to be a fb junkie. I was on it all the time. I started seeing Greg because of it. I loved keeping up with my friends through chat. I even enjoyed being obsessed with Farmville. As I've gotten older I've learned a few things.

1. I don't care about what game your playing so please don't send me invites, especially to candy crush. I didn't send you invites to Farmville or beg you to send me gifts so please don't do that to me.

2. I don't care about your drama so please stop telling me about how your living with your boyfriends cousin's aunt and pregnant with your 10th job, and thinking working is sooooo last year.
3. Your choice of memes are stupid and I don't want my fb clogged up with 20 pics of cats talking in a stupid voice. My cat doesn't use a stupid voice and yours shouldn't either.

4. I don't care that you took a shit...really I don't

5. Couple facebook pages are annoying. I have no idea who I am talking to or wishing a happy birthday to. Is it that you are lazy to log into separate accounts or just don't trust each other?


  1. I'm with Jer on this one.

    "Facebook is essentially a high school reunion that *never ends*. Whether that sounds wonderful or horrifying depends on the person involved."

    1. I have never gone to any of my reunions so maybe thats why I'm tired of it.


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