T-2 days to Bristol The Painted Coolers

I may have mentioned, I'm going to Bristol on Saturday. Last year I just didn't understand the importance of a well stocked cooler. I did guess correctly that I would NOT enjoy carrying one around. This year I was insistent that I would have a cooler that could be pulled.

I found one a few months ago that was zebra print. I loved it. It was AWESOME! It was also too tall to be allowed in the track. I looked high and low for a cooler that rolled and was short enough to be allowed inside. I found one. It was plain boring blue so I did this to it. I loved it so much that Greg started feeling jealous and he wanted a cool cooler to take to the race too. I created this for him. Greg's brother who is going with us wanted one too. But only after he saw how awesome our painted coolers were. I think his turned out the best.

Materials: Rust-olem plastic primer
Krylon (my spray paint brand of choice) White and Green
scotch blue painters tape
 stencils made from the computer
 orange and red paint pen
Krylon  fusion for plastics clear uv protection
I skipped the spackle and sanding steps that I used with the past coolers. I just didn't see that big of a difference in the finished product. So I made life easier on myself.

Step 1.
I printed off this pic and blew it up to have the Jr and the fire at a perfect size for the cooler.

Step 2.
I painted the front white with a small green section. Using Krylon spray paint. The back was painted Green.

Step3. Once I let the paint dry I used the stencil (which is actually just a pic I cut out and then held up to the cooler.) I traced the 88 and then colored it in. The Fire and Jr were thin enough that I didn't have to trace it, but I did go over it a couple of time getting the color dark.

Step 4.
Let dry completely. Touch up any paint that doesn't look crisp or clean

Step 5.
Let dry again

Step 6.
Spray with Krylon  fusion for plastics clear uv protection

* I am not paid or compensated in any way by Krylon. I just really like their product.


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