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I haven't done the Oh, How Pinteresting link up in ages. While I'm waiting on the Dish guy to fix my cable I thought I'd share what I'm pinning. Did you know that if you move TV's you may short out the power supply box an you will have no cable? Ummm me either, and I did, and now a tech is trying to fix it. I missed Drop Dead Diva this week because of it. He said if you are going to move your TV's from room to room you should unplug your power box because it may/will short it out. So glad they told me that when they first hooked me up.

I'm really trying to make this house look less like a bachelor pad and more like a home. This is one of the changes I am wanting to make. Our bar area is currently an island piled with bottles.

Our office is officially moving THANK GOD!!!! I think moving day is next week. Of course I haven't touched my desk area but I've been thinking ahead to new ways to decorate my office. I love this filing cabinet.
Sorry there are only two pins for some reason it started only copy a code for something that said I love my pinterest t shirt. That's my clue to give up.

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  1. We have a bar like that Pinterest one. It was very easy to make and looks great when guests come over. And, as noted, it's not just a table shoved off in the corner that held a ton of half empty bottles...


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