My two cents on Miley

I'm thinking I'm the only person that didn't watch the VMA's. I was honestly just so exhausted from my Bristol weekend and fighting this stupid cold that I forgot all about it and went to bed at 9:30.

All day Monday I heard about Miley Cyrus's performance but didn't get to watch it until later that night.

Was I shocked to see Miley with her tongue hanging out? Seeing her twerking against Robin Thicke? Rubbing herself up against giant stuffed bears? Wearing what first looked like a kiddie show reject outfit and then later something a stripper would wear? Masturbating with a foam finger?

I'd love to say that was. I'd love to say I can't believe it, but you know what I can. Everyone knows that child stars have a rough time transitioning to adult stars and often spiral out of control. Look at Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.....and Brittany Spears (thankfully she appears to be back on track) hell even look way back at Corey Haim and Gary Coleman. Child stars just have too much too fast.

This is what happens when you are never told no.

Are always told that everything you do is perfect

Are making fistfuls of money before you are even out of high school.

This is what happens when your parents start thinking of you as a client, or a meal ticket instead of a child.

This is what happens when their livelihood hinges on you and how well your career is doing.

This makes me sad but  it doesn't surprise me. This makes me want to use it as a tool to teach my girls right from wrong. To show them that you shouldn't look up to celebrities as role models. They are just people who have had the fortune to be famous. That doesn't magically make them able to know right from wrong. It actually seems to make them choose wrong because everyone is telling them that whatever they want to do is a great idea. There is no reality check. The whole situation just makes me sad.
I am at least a little pleased to see the horrified reaction to some of the audience.
Miley, I really hope you come to your senses and realize that what you are doing is insane. You are on a fast track to a Amanda Bynes level break down. You are not shocking the public you are making us shake our heads and feel sorry for your desperate cry for attention. You are making us wonder when your parents will step in and take control of your out of control life and get you the help you need. But I really must ask WTF was up with the tongue sticking out and the teddy bears? 


  1. Weird, it says my comment was published. Did I already write something?! Ugh, these early mornings are messing with my brain. ANYWAY, this comment might be a repeat then but yes, Miley's performance was scary. I still can't believe her parents approved.

  2. I didn't see it either... so glad! A thought I had was "What the hell, Robin Thicke?" He's as much to blame as she is for the whole thing... He's married, right? Wonder what his wife thought???


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