Letter to my creepy stalker

Hi hon! You may think I don't know that you check my fb for any glimpse of whats going on in my life. You may think I don't know thta you read this blog, check my twitter (yeah sorry I rarely tweet). Lets not forget pinterest and instagram.
Lets talk for a second about how you also cyber stalk my friends. I know you wait patiently for that moment that you can comment on something, making yourself look like the caring, loving devoted person that you obviously are.
You know what I do? I laugh about you behind your back.....well I guess its to your face now. Sometimes I throw you a bone and post something that I know you will think about for awhile. How does your husband feel about your obsession with me? Does he even know? I'd be surprised if he didn't considering the extent that you go to to keep yourself visible to me. You are basically jumping up and down in front of me saying PAY ATTENTION! Ok I'm paying attention. I'm showing you that I see you. I see you adding mutual friends on facebook, they role their eyes about you. Anyway, you'd probably get a lot more information if you didn't add peripheral friends and actually added the people I hang out with. But I guess those friends see through the crazy and want no part of it.

Well dear, Its Friday of a three day weekend. I'd love to stay and chat but you make me ill and I have better things to do. Next time you stop by my facebook you should say hi. I'd love to chat about old times hahahahahah yeah right.

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  1. hahaha!! Creeeeepy! At least I stalk you to your face :)


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