Is it Friday yet?

Its been a crazy day already.....

1. Its the first day of school for all my loveys. So let the countdown to the last day of school begin. Abbey was excited about being the big kid at school. She loves that she gets to look down on all the little 6th graders and ask if they were ever that lost, little, young looking. Emmy is excited about seeing her friends and thats about it. I did drop a note with a few tips to make eveyones life a little easier. I hope they were taken seriously. She had a shoe emergency this morning and started crying becuase she didn't think her shoes were comfy. I made her change pairs and that seemed to make life bareable again. Greg is starting a new year with new issues. Westley couldn't handle the drama and refused to move this morning, even when I filled his bowl with food. Not that I can blame him.
4th and 8th grade....I'm a little sad today.

2. The lease has been signed on my new office space. I am beside the university and across from a mexican restraunt, and cuts 10 minutes off my commute.  I think its heaven. But that means I've been packing up my office for the last two days. Moving day is tomorrow. Its a mess around here. I owe my coworker alot she packed up our resource room and all I had to do was our shared office space and my desk. Yet I still haven't done that.

3. I thought I deleted the camera on my phone. It had been on the first screen and then it was gone. I had a massive freak out and then downloaded a camera+ (which I do actually love) then of course I found the camera. Somehow it got moved to the last page and was the only app on that page.

4. I received this random text. I don't even know what to say about that.


  1. *headtilt*

    As much as something like that would suit her, I can confirm that as of 7am this morning Barb still hadn't taken up texting. So you can at least rule her out.

  2. I have 4 & 2 yr old boys. I'm not excited about my oldest turning 5 next year and starting kindergarten next year. It's so sad.

    LOL at that text message.

  3. OMG that text. Hilarious.
    Your girls are gettin so big!

  4. That text made me laugh... hope everything came out okay for them! :) Good luck with your office move.


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