If I were a ghost

I was watching Ghost Hunters the "Hoover Damned" episode and I couldn't help but laugh. The questions that they ask, the way they wander around jumpy as jumping beans. gasping at every sound we can't hear.

Here is my answers to some of their questions.....If I was a ghost.

Were you brought to the hospital because you were sick? Nope I was completely healthy, I just wanted to snag a hot doctor.

Are you hiding? Nope I am dancing naked in front of you.

Are you trying to talk to us? Are you trying to listen?

Are you upset about what the company did? Nope I get to walk  through walls now, sooo much cooler.

A noise happens from somewhere in the building so of course it is a ghost instead of part of the group that is wandering around..... Was that you that made the chair fall over? No it was your drunk friend stumbling in the dark.


  1. I always thought that ghosts were just trying to communicate with us or reach out for help. But apparently they have a twisted sense of humor and just like screwing with people by making weird noises and moving objects very small distances.

  2. Haha!

    I watch Ghost Adventures and they basically ask the same types of questions.


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