How to stop an itch FAST!

I got new followers over the week. Hi new followers. I took a few days off from blogging last week. Its back to school time, Marching band time (and you may remember that I have a kid in one band and a I live with the director of another) That means laundry has tripled and free time has halved.

I did want to give you a little something to read today. I'm working on some fun things for this week. The biggie is an open letter to a douchebag. I'm singing the lyrics to you're so vain right know you're so vain you probably thing that post is about you.

I do want to share a little tip with you. Since I've had to be outside a lot lately Ive been eaten alive by teeny tiny mosquito's or something. my skin puffs up and I scratch like crazy. This leaves a scab and a scar and it continues to itch for a week.  Last night after covering my self with anti itch cream and still scratching. I decided to try something crazy. I used orajel. you know the stuff to numb your gums. It was gross at first because it is a gel but it worked. Within 30 minutes the itching completely stopped and the puffy bump went away. It was a miracle.

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  1. Yay to back to school!!!!

    And I chuckled to the "you're so vain" part. I love it! HEHE!!


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