how I tried to kill my boyfriend

You know what is apparently the BEST thing to do when someone may have a heart/anxiety/lung/we have know clue what is wrong with you, problem? Well I will tell you its not find yourself three shots into what was suppose to be a nice relaxing evening, screaming at that person. Yeah apparently I was more stressed then I realized and decided that I couldn't hold off on telling him all about how (letter to a douche bag) guy was getting off with a oh he is under stress and in a bad place,  and when I had an emotional outburst LAST YEAR it still gets brought up, how unfair that was and well I don't remember what all was said but he called me a vindictive bitch and slammed the door. I felt terrible and of course apologized but I just feel bone wearily tired and like the worst person in the world. With bedside manner like this I should have stayed in healthcare.

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  1. You aren't the worst person in the world. We all have our moments.


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