ER is the place to be

Sorry I've been MIA all week. My weekend started like this
A fish fry and music. Lots of fun. Well except I hate fish and ate before I went. But everyone else that ate said it was wonderful.

My weekend ended like this.

Greg woke up with some pressure in his chest. As the day went on he felt more pressure then cold sweats, then a tingly feeling in his hand. I took him to ER.
As soon as we got there, he was pounced on by a huge team that did an ekg. His first test didn't look good, his second one looked better. While they were looking at him, he had another episode. I was really scared. He was really scared. They calmed him down and the episode passed. His blood work came back no heart attack. His chest x-ray said his heart and lung look good. So we were discharged with an order to have a  stress test done. We have that on Friday.
They gave him a shot of Ativan....he started feeling A LOT better!

I have been worried all week about him. I text him during the day making sure he is not having any pain. I don't want him doing anything at home except sitting, which is unlike him.

On the small world level. Greg's dr was the dad of kids I had in Preschool years and years ago. I though he looked familiar so I asked if he had twin boys and he looked at me like I was a crazy stalker. Then I gave him the names of his boys and he asked how I knew them. When I said I was their teacher he said oh I thought you looked familiar. His wife brought them to school most of the time, because he was finishing Med School. He did come to talk to out class on community helper week. I felt a little more comfortable after seeing him. He has grown into a great Dr. Lets hope the cardiologist is.

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  1. I am so glad he is ok - Health is just one of those things that are so damn scary. I would be worried day and night too - it's actually much easier when YOU are the one that is sick. Hope everything turns out ok!


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