Count down to Bristol T-3 days The top 5 reasons to LOVE Tony Stewart post

For those of you that are fans of the comedian Tim Wilson you will understand when I say...."Damn right I'm going to Bristol"

I was never a Nascar fan until last year. Greg has been a fan for decades. Some how I managed to avoid it the first few years we were together.

Longtime followers like Stephanie (stop by and say Hi she likes stuff like that and she is a Kasey Kahne fan) will remember last years post from Bristol. It was my first time really being exposed to Nascar and I had no idea what to expect.  I didn't even have a driver picked out. You should go back and read it. It was probably the best post I had all last year. Anyway....I'm told the Bristol night race is the only real Bristol race there is.

Its where I realized that all my research into the best driver for me to chose really means nothing. That I really need to just experience it. Last year I thought I was cheering for Danica and Kevin Harvick. While I still like Danica (yes she sucks, yes she wrecks everyone,) but you know I still like her. She is at least doing better than her boyfriend ( who she wrecked a few weeks ago)

Last year is where I fell in love with Tony Stewart. How can you not like a driver that does this when he gets wrecked. This happened right in front of my seat!!!

and how can you not like the exchange when Joey Lagona wrecked him early in the season.
I still laugh about the "I'm gonna beat his ass"
He has a scruffy beard. I like scruffy on some guys.....he is one of them. I just want to rub his face.
and he looks cute shaved. I just want to pet his hair.
he can do the splits!!
Now sadly he is out for the rest of the season and I won't get to see him this weekend. Unless he has the seat next to mine....FINGERS CROSSED!!!!
and I'm back to looking for a driver for the race.
So as a recap the top 5 reason to LOVE Tony Stewart are
1. He has a fiery temper
2. He looks good scruffy
3. He looks good shaved
4. He can do the splits
(Yeah I know its computer generated don't burst my bubble)
5. He is just plain AWESOME!!

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  1. NO!!! NEVER!! If he were just scrappy, I'd like him. But he whines, he whines like a 4 year old. To the media, to his fans, to his twitter. Whine whine whine, I cannot take it. It's never his fault. Waah.


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