Count down to Bristol T-1 days A well stocked bag

Last year I was un prepared. I didn't have ear plugs, I didn't have a jacket. I didn't want to carry a cooler so I stuck my drinks in a Thirty One lunch bag and stuffed it all in a drawstring bag. While there were pros and cons to that, I feel this year I am more prepared. If you want to see the coolers I made for Bristol you can check them out, My pink cooler, Dale Earnhardt Cooler, Dale Jr Cooler. I thought about repainting mine to be a Tony Stewart cooler but changed my mind at the last minute. It was probably a good idea since Tony is out for the season.

So what's in a well stocked bag for visiting a Nascar race track?

1. Ear Plugs. I can't stress this enough. These bad boys are LOUD. I was fine until about 200 laps in and then suddenly I could barely hear anything except a constant roar.

2. Bug spray. There is a big party going on outside the track you will be outside all day and surprisingly even though there are hundreds of thousands of people inside the track bugs will find you.

3. If its hot you will need a portable fan (the personal battery operated kind)  Highs are suppose to be 84 so I am skipping this.

4. Ibuprofen or Tylenol. After 500 laps of loud ass noise you will have a head ache. Not to mention hours of constant drinking. I'm the DD so I don't need to worry about that.

5. A small makeup bag. Maybe most people would skip this but I need a compact, lip stick and gloss, hair tie. I have large pale lips. If I don't put something on them, I look dead.

6. poncho. you never know when it will rain, and everything at the track is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive

7. sunscreen & sunglasses. Its sunny when you get to the track. Don't let the idea of a night race fool you. Its not night when you get to the track.

8. CASH. This may seem like a no brainer for most, but I literally NEVER have cash. I always have my debit card, but never cash. Last year I was constantly asking Greg to buy me ear plugs. He was a nice guy and did it, but this  year I am prepared. I am sure there is a Tony Stewart shirt there with my name on it. My sister bought me a Nine West wristlet (remember my birthday wish list?)  Isn't she the BEST sister EVER!!! I plan on putting my cash and  drivers license and debit card for the few vendors that accept them. It will make buying things easier. I can just slip it on my wrist and wander out to the concessions,

9. My bag will also contain my dslr and a telephoto lens. I'm 28 rows up so I will have a good vantage point and I'm near the tunnel which means pics of them entering the track.

10. A light jacket. I'm queen of light jackets/sweaters. I have about 2 million. I've packed one of the thinnest I have for late in the race when the temps go down.

11. It seems like it would be cool to have a scanner that picks up the drivers radios  .  Last year I said I was going to buy myself one for this year. I didn't and since Tony is out I really don't care about listening to anyone else. 

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