Bristol recap

I have to confess my Bristol race weekend started off pretty rocky. I came down with a nasty cold (which I'm still not over) Friday I took the day off so I can travel to Va to Greg's family's house as a stopping point since they are about 2 hours from the track. I slept most of Friday. When I wasn't sleeping I was chugging OJ and Sudafed.

Saturday morning I woke still feeling bad I took a Sudafed and got ready, but on the way to the track I couldn't remember if I had taken a Sudafed or not and took another one......DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! When you take 2 Sudafed 12 hours within 2 hours of each other your entire face goes numb and you feel like you are floating....and you can't think. It was like my entire head was full of cotton. A little story to explain how I feel. We stopped at Logan to eat. I decided my phone needed charged so I went to the car to plug it in. Once I got outside the first set of doors I couldn't remember how to open the second set and had a little panic attack where I was running around the lobby trying to get someone to let me back in...or out. Finally, a couple showed up to enter the restaurant and let me out. Then, I couldn't find my car. So yeah, don't do that.
We finally made it to the track, I realized I had forgotten my camera battery at home. So all the pics are from my phone. I kicked myself all night about it.

Last year I shared with you some funny things I noticed at my first race. NASCAR fans didn't disappoint me this year either like....
Used looking shoes for sale outside the track, in the flea market area.
or the trend of cowboy boots and shorts. Seeing all these girls limping after the race made me think boots isn't such a good idea when you are walking a ton.
guys showing their sexy bodies. This was way more common than I would have liked. I wanted to buy them shirts.
BABIES!! Come on people. I am all for doing things with your kids, but a race is LOUD!!
oh and notice Charles Manson beside her....CREEPY!!!
Weirdly mixed patterns (with bright pink bras) I wanted to say...leopard print and flowers clash.
People should listen to the hat and Just say no!
We had great seats. They were in a turn and right by the stairs. The seat beside mine was like musical chairs. I don't think I had the same person in it for 100 laps. This is the "drunk guy" He wandered in for about 20 laps before he got up and left.
Before the race Hank Jr. Played on the track.

  I couldn't see so I stood on a cooler
I had a lady stop me to tell me that my glittery shoes were blinding her....GOOD!
 I loved our seats. Although I wasn't crazy that we were in the sun for a few hours.

I couldn't send or receive messages so I would type messages and show them to Greg

The only decent wreck happened in front of us. That was pretty fun.
All in all it was a pretty tame night. Other than the weirdness of the people around me. I don't think any of the people beside me or behind me were actually watching the race. Which I just don't understand why would you spend 150 and not watch it. I wish Tony Stewart had been racing, we needed a good helmet throwing. 


  1. Glad the sudafed issues didn't stop you! Your shoes were fabulous, that lady can bite me. And yeah... a baby?! What? No.

  2. glad you made it even though sick! and those are quite the pictures of people there :)


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