Letter to my creepy stalker

Hi hon! You may think I don't know that you check my fb for any glimpse of whats going on in my life. You may think I don't know thta you read this blog, check my twitter (yeah sorry I rarely tweet). Lets not forget pinterest and instagram.
Lets talk for a second about how you also cyber stalk my friends. I know you wait patiently for that moment that you can comment on something, making yourself look like the caring, loving devoted person that you obviously are.
You know what I do? I laugh about you behind your back.....well I guess its to your face now. Sometimes I throw you a bone and post something that I know you will think about for awhile. How does your husband feel about your obsession with me? Does he even know? I'd be surprised if he didn't considering the extent that you go to to keep yourself visible to me. You are basically jumping up and down in front of me saying PAY ATTENTION! Ok I'm paying attention. I'm showing you that I see you. I see you adding mutual friends on facebook, they role their eyes about you. Anyway, you'd probably get a lot more information if you didn't add peripheral friends and actually added the people I hang out with. But I guess those friends see through the crazy and want no part of it.

Well dear, Its Friday of a three day weekend. I'd love to stay and chat but you make me ill and I have better things to do. Next time you stop by my facebook you should say hi. I'd love to chat about old times hahahahahah yeah right.


If I were a ghost

I was watching Ghost Hunters the "Hoover Damned" episode and I couldn't help but laugh. The questions that they ask, the way they wander around jumpy as jumping beans. gasping at every sound we can't hear.

Here is my answers to some of their questions.....If I was a ghost.

Were you brought to the hospital because you were sick? Nope I was completely healthy, I just wanted to snag a hot doctor.

Are you hiding? Nope I am dancing naked in front of you.

Are you trying to talk to us? Are you trying to listen?

Are you upset about what the company did? Nope I get to walk  through walls now, sooo much cooler.

A noise happens from somewhere in the building so of course it is a ghost instead of part of the group that is wandering around..... Was that you that made the chair fall over? No it was your drunk friend stumbling in the dark.

My two cents on Miley

I'm thinking I'm the only person that didn't watch the VMA's. I was honestly just so exhausted from my Bristol weekend and fighting this stupid cold that I forgot all about it and went to bed at 9:30.

All day Monday I heard about Miley Cyrus's performance but didn't get to watch it until later that night.

Was I shocked to see Miley with her tongue hanging out? Seeing her twerking against Robin Thicke? Rubbing herself up against giant stuffed bears? Wearing what first looked like a kiddie show reject outfit and then later something a stripper would wear? Masturbating with a foam finger?

I'd love to say that was. I'd love to say I can't believe it, but you know what I can. Everyone knows that child stars have a rough time transitioning to adult stars and often spiral out of control. Look at Lindsay Lohan and Amanda Bynes.....and Brittany Spears (thankfully she appears to be back on track) hell even look way back at Corey Haim and Gary Coleman. Child stars just have too much too fast.

This is what happens when you are never told no.

Are always told that everything you do is perfect

Are making fistfuls of money before you are even out of high school.

This is what happens when your parents start thinking of you as a client, or a meal ticket instead of a child.

This is what happens when their livelihood hinges on you and how well your career is doing.

This makes me sad but  it doesn't surprise me. This makes me want to use it as a tool to teach my girls right from wrong. To show them that you shouldn't look up to celebrities as role models. They are just people who have had the fortune to be famous. That doesn't magically make them able to know right from wrong. It actually seems to make them choose wrong because everyone is telling them that whatever they want to do is a great idea. There is no reality check. The whole situation just makes me sad.
I am at least a little pleased to see the horrified reaction to some of the audience.
Miley, I really hope you come to your senses and realize that what you are doing is insane. You are on a fast track to a Amanda Bynes level break down. You are not shocking the public you are making us shake our heads and feel sorry for your desperate cry for attention. You are making us wonder when your parents will step in and take control of your out of control life and get you the help you need. But I really must ask WTF was up with the tongue sticking out and the teddy bears? 


You are my Sunshine

I totally needed a topic to write about today and saw Stephanie's post.....and promptly stole it. Thanks!!

1. what's your favorite tv show currently on netflix?
I like Drop Dead Diva but honestly I rarely watch netflix. I did get a message saying season 5 of my Fair Wedding was on netflix now, so I guess thats what I'm doing this weekend.

2. what color do you look the best in?
I've heard Green's. I'm guessing that is because of the red hair and green eyes. I mostly wear black though.

3. which disney princess (the animated kind, not the miley cyrus kind) are you most like?
this is a tough one. I would say Merida (from Brave) because neither of us listen and want to do whatever it is we are told not to do....and I still think in Disney fashion that ancient bear should have turned back into a prince and they should have gotten together. But since I don't believe in happily ever after it fits more with my life.

4. favorite cartoon to watch growing up?

5. go to drink at a coffee shop?
gag! I hate coffee. But we have a cute little shop half a block from my office called the Fuzzy Duck (or just the Duck if you are local)

6. favorite blog(s) you've found recently that you want to share?
7. first store you look at when you have money to spend?
8. what's your instagram account? so i can follow you of course.
hollysgrass, but I warn you I am very random about posting

9. thing about fall you're most looking forward to?
Boots....and sweaters

10. what's your favorite thing to win in blog giveaways? (gearing up for the return of my sponsor giveaways come November)
I never win anything :(

Bristol recap

I have to confess my Bristol race weekend started off pretty rocky. I came down with a nasty cold (which I'm still not over) Friday I took the day off so I can travel to Va to Greg's family's house as a stopping point since they are about 2 hours from the track. I slept most of Friday. When I wasn't sleeping I was chugging OJ and Sudafed.

Saturday morning I woke still feeling bad I took a Sudafed and got ready, but on the way to the track I couldn't remember if I had taken a Sudafed or not and took another one......DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! When you take 2 Sudafed 12 hours within 2 hours of each other your entire face goes numb and you feel like you are floating....and you can't think. It was like my entire head was full of cotton. A little story to explain how I feel. We stopped at Logan to eat. I decided my phone needed charged so I went to the car to plug it in. Once I got outside the first set of doors I couldn't remember how to open the second set and had a little panic attack where I was running around the lobby trying to get someone to let me back in...or out. Finally, a couple showed up to enter the restaurant and let me out. Then, I couldn't find my car. So yeah, don't do that.
We finally made it to the track, I realized I had forgotten my camera battery at home. So all the pics are from my phone. I kicked myself all night about it.

Last year I shared with you some funny things I noticed at my first race. NASCAR fans didn't disappoint me this year either like....
Used looking shoes for sale outside the track, in the flea market area.
or the trend of cowboy boots and shorts. Seeing all these girls limping after the race made me think boots isn't such a good idea when you are walking a ton.
guys showing their sexy bodies. This was way more common than I would have liked. I wanted to buy them shirts.
BABIES!! Come on people. I am all for doing things with your kids, but a race is LOUD!!
oh and notice Charles Manson beside her....CREEPY!!!
Weirdly mixed patterns (with bright pink bras) I wanted to say...leopard print and flowers clash.
People should listen to the hat and Just say no!
We had great seats. They were in a turn and right by the stairs. The seat beside mine was like musical chairs. I don't think I had the same person in it for 100 laps. This is the "drunk guy" He wandered in for about 20 laps before he got up and left.
Before the race Hank Jr. Played on the track.

  I couldn't see so I stood on a cooler
I had a lady stop me to tell me that my glittery shoes were blinding her....GOOD!
 I loved our seats. Although I wasn't crazy that we were in the sun for a few hours.

I couldn't send or receive messages so I would type messages and show them to Greg

The only decent wreck happened in front of us. That was pretty fun.
All in all it was a pretty tame night. Other than the weirdness of the people around me. I don't think any of the people beside me or behind me were actually watching the race. Which I just don't understand why would you spend 150 and not watch it. I wish Tony Stewart had been racing, we needed a good helmet throwing. 

It's BRISTOL baby

I'm on the road. A few pit stops like hobby lobby and food are in order before I get to the track. It's a beautiful day, temperature is great and no clouds in the sky. Sadly I also have the cold that everyone has passed around. I'm hoping with some Sudafed and ibuprofen I'll survive. 


T-2 days to Bristol The Painted Coolers

I may have mentioned, I'm going to Bristol on Saturday. Last year I just didn't understand the importance of a well stocked cooler. I did guess correctly that I would NOT enjoy carrying one around. This year I was insistent that I would have a cooler that could be pulled.

I found one a few months ago that was zebra print. I loved it. It was AWESOME! It was also too tall to be allowed in the track. I looked high and low for a cooler that rolled and was short enough to be allowed inside. I found one. It was plain boring blue so I did this to it. I loved it so much that Greg started feeling jealous and he wanted a cool cooler to take to the race too. I created this for him. Greg's brother who is going with us wanted one too. But only after he saw how awesome our painted coolers were. I think his turned out the best.

Materials: Rust-olem plastic primer
Krylon (my spray paint brand of choice) White and Green
scotch blue painters tape
 stencils made from the computer
 orange and red paint pen
Krylon  fusion for plastics clear uv protection
I skipped the spackle and sanding steps that I used with the past coolers. I just didn't see that big of a difference in the finished product. So I made life easier on myself.

Step 1.
I printed off this pic and blew it up to have the Jr and the fire at a perfect size for the cooler.

Step 2.
I painted the front white with a small green section. Using Krylon spray paint. The back was painted Green.

Step3. Once I let the paint dry I used the stencil (which is actually just a pic I cut out and then held up to the cooler.) I traced the 88 and then colored it in. The Fire and Jr were thin enough that I didn't have to trace it, but I did go over it a couple of time getting the color dark.

Step 4.
Let dry completely. Touch up any paint that doesn't look crisp or clean

Step 5.
Let dry again

Step 6.
Spray with Krylon  fusion for plastics clear uv protection

* I am not paid or compensated in any way by Krylon. I just really like their product.

Count down to Bristol T-1 days A well stocked bag

Last year I was un prepared. I didn't have ear plugs, I didn't have a jacket. I didn't want to carry a cooler so I stuck my drinks in a Thirty One lunch bag and stuffed it all in a drawstring bag. While there were pros and cons to that, I feel this year I am more prepared. If you want to see the coolers I made for Bristol you can check them out, My pink cooler, Dale Earnhardt Cooler, Dale Jr Cooler. I thought about repainting mine to be a Tony Stewart cooler but changed my mind at the last minute. It was probably a good idea since Tony is out for the season.

So what's in a well stocked bag for visiting a Nascar race track?

1. Ear Plugs. I can't stress this enough. These bad boys are LOUD. I was fine until about 200 laps in and then suddenly I could barely hear anything except a constant roar.

2. Bug spray. There is a big party going on outside the track you will be outside all day and surprisingly even though there are hundreds of thousands of people inside the track bugs will find you.

3. If its hot you will need a portable fan (the personal battery operated kind)  Highs are suppose to be 84 so I am skipping this.

4. Ibuprofen or Tylenol. After 500 laps of loud ass noise you will have a head ache. Not to mention hours of constant drinking. I'm the DD so I don't need to worry about that.

5. A small makeup bag. Maybe most people would skip this but I need a compact, lip stick and gloss, hair tie. I have large pale lips. If I don't put something on them, I look dead.

6. poncho. you never know when it will rain, and everything at the track is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive

7. sunscreen & sunglasses. Its sunny when you get to the track. Don't let the idea of a night race fool you. Its not night when you get to the track.

8. CASH. This may seem like a no brainer for most, but I literally NEVER have cash. I always have my debit card, but never cash. Last year I was constantly asking Greg to buy me things....like ear plugs. He was a nice guy and did it, but this  year I am prepared. I am sure there is a Tony Stewart shirt there with my name on it. My sister bought me a Nine West wristlet (remember my birthday wish list?)  Isn't she the BEST sister EVER!!! I plan on putting my cash and  drivers license and debit card for the few vendors that accept them. It will make buying things easier. I can just slip it on my wrist and wander out to the concessions,

9. My bag will also contain my dslr and a telephoto lens. I'm 28 rows up so I will have a good vantage point and I'm near the tunnel which means pics of them entering the track.

10. A light jacket. I'm queen of light jackets/sweaters. I have about 2 million. I've packed one of the thinnest I have for late in the race when the temps go down.

11. It seems like it would be cool to have a scanner that picks up the drivers radios  .  Last year I said I was going to buy myself one for this year. I didn't and since Tony is out I really don't care about listening to anyone else. 

Count down to Bristol T-3 days The top 5 reasons to LOVE Tony Stewart post

For those of you that are fans of the comedian Tim Wilson you will understand when I say...."Damn right I'm going to Bristol"

I was never a Nascar fan until last year. Greg has been a fan for decades. Some how I managed to avoid it the first few years we were together.

Longtime followers like Stephanie (stop by and say Hi she likes stuff like that and she is a Kasey Kahne fan) will remember last years post from Bristol. It was my first time really being exposed to Nascar and I had no idea what to expect.  I didn't even have a driver picked out. You should go back and read it. It was probably the best post I had all last year. Anyway....I'm told the Bristol night race is the only real Bristol race there is.

Its where I realized that all my research into the best driver for me to chose really means nothing. That I really need to just experience it. Last year I thought I was cheering for Danica and Kevin Harvick. While I still like Danica (yes she sucks, yes she wrecks everyone,) but you know I still like her. She is at least doing better than her boyfriend ( who she wrecked a few weeks ago)

Last year is where I fell in love with Tony Stewart. How can you not like a driver that does this when he gets wrecked. This happened right in front of my seat!!!

and how can you not like the exchange when Joey Lagona wrecked him early in the season.
I still laugh about the "I'm gonna beat his ass"
He has a scruffy beard. I like scruffy on some guys.....he is one of them. I just want to rub his face.
and he looks cute shaved. I just want to pet his hair.
he can do the splits!!
Now sadly he is out for the rest of the season and I won't get to see him this weekend. Unless he has the seat next to mine....FINGERS CROSSED!!!!
and I'm back to looking for a driver for the race.
So as a recap the top 5 reason to LOVE Tony Stewart are
1. He has a fiery temper
2. He looks good scruffy
3. He looks good shaved
4. He can do the splits
(Yeah I know its computer generated don't burst my bubble)
5. He is just plain AWESOME!!


Why I'm getting tired of Face Book

I use to be a fb junkie. I was on it all the time. I started seeing Greg because of it. I loved keeping up with my friends through chat. I even enjoyed being obsessed with Farmville. As I've gotten older I've learned a few things.

1. I don't care about what game your playing so please don't send me invites, especially to candy crush. I didn't send you invites to Farmville or beg you to send me gifts so please don't do that to me.

2. I don't care about your drama so please stop telling me about how your living with your boyfriends cousin's aunt and pregnant with your 10th job, and thinking working is sooooo last year.
3. Your choice of memes are stupid and I don't want my fb clogged up with 20 pics of cats talking in a stupid voice. My cat doesn't use a stupid voice and yours shouldn't either.

4. I don't care that you took a shit...really I don't

5. Couple facebook pages are annoying. I have no idea who I am talking to or wishing a happy birthday to. Is it that you are lazy to log into separate accounts or just don't trust each other?


how I tried to kill my boyfriend

You know what is apparently the BEST thing to do when someone may have a heart/anxiety/lung/we have know clue what is wrong with you, problem? Well I will tell you its not find yourself three shots into what was suppose to be a nice relaxing evening, screaming at that person. Yeah apparently I was more stressed then I realized and decided that I couldn't hold off on telling him all about how (letter to a douche bag) guy was getting off with a oh he is under stress and in a bad place,  and when I had an emotional outburst LAST YEAR it still gets brought up, how unfair that was and well I don't remember what all was said but he called me a vindictive bitch and slammed the door. I felt terrible and of course apologized but I just feel bone wearily tired and like the worst person in the world. With bedside manner like this I should have stayed in healthcare.

ER is the place to be

Sorry I've been MIA all week. My weekend started like this
A fish fry and music. Lots of fun. Well except I hate fish and ate before I went. But everyone else that ate said it was wonderful.

My weekend ended like this.

Greg woke up with some pressure in his chest. As the day went on he felt more pressure then cold sweats, then a tingly feeling in his hand. I took him to ER.
As soon as we got there, he was pounced on by a huge team that did an ekg. His first test didn't look good, his second one looked better. While they were looking at him, he had another episode. I was really scared. He was really scared. They calmed him down and the episode passed. His blood work came back no heart attack. His chest x-ray said his heart and lung look good. So we were discharged with an order to have a  stress test done. We have that on Friday.
They gave him a shot of Ativan....he started feeling A LOT better!

I have been worried all week about him. I text him during the day making sure he is not having any pain. I don't want him doing anything at home except sitting, which is unlike him.

On the small world level. Greg's dr was the dad of kids I had in Preschool years and years ago. I though he looked familiar so I asked if he had twin boys and he looked at me like I was a crazy stalker. Then I gave him the names of his boys and he asked how I knew them. When I said I was their teacher he said oh I thought you looked familiar. His wife brought them to school most of the time, because he was finishing Med School. He did come to talk to out class on community helper week. I felt a little more comfortable after seeing him. He has grown into a great Dr. Lets hope the cardiologist is.

Its moving day!

My lovey's all survived the first day of school. Emmy thinks her teacher is super nice. That makes me happy. I hate feeling like every year is a battle to get her what she needs. I took Em's dyslexia test with the results and wrote a nice letter with things I've observed from the last 2 years that will help them both. I am hoping for a great year.

Greg came home with some funny news. He said the school banned yoga pants unless there are worn under a dress or skirt. I was confused and said Yoga pants, really? I went to my closet and pulled out a pair of black yoga pants and a pair of black leggings, tried them on and asked him which he  thought were yoga pants. He picked the leggings. So a policy written, obviously by men and not double checked by a woman under the age of 60, means that the girls can get away with wearing leggings at least until the administration catches on that they made a mistake in the clothes  terminology.

Its moving day for me and my office. So here are a few parting pics. I'd love to say I am going to miss this place....but I'm not.
I hate packing. Have I mentioned that? Packing sucks. But at least I don't have to move the stuff.

love how professional the owners have made the building. Its become their storage dump.
Gotta love the junk they have piled around us.
Thank Goodness I don't have to be embarrassed to have clients come to the office anymore. To be fair my boss is upset that the building we rent from has done this. Its so unprofessional.
In case I didn't mention I will be across the street from a Mexican restaurant diagonal from the best Italian place, and in front of the university. My office has skylights, and is double the size that it is now. Its heaven.   
Hope you have a great weekend. I know I will. I suspect there will be a green bottle somewhere in my near future.

Is it Friday yet?

Its been a crazy day already.....

1. Its the first day of school for all my loveys. So let the countdown to the last day of school begin. Abbey was excited about being the big kid at school. She loves that she gets to look down on all the little 6th graders and ask if they were ever that lost, little, young looking. Emmy is excited about seeing her friends and thats about it. I did drop a note with a few tips to make eveyones life a little easier. I hope they were taken seriously. She had a shoe emergency this morning and started crying becuase she didn't think her shoes were comfy. I made her change pairs and that seemed to make life bareable again. Greg is starting a new year with new issues. Westley couldn't handle the drama and refused to move this morning, even when I filled his bowl with food. Not that I can blame him.
4th and 8th grade....I'm a little sad today.

2. The lease has been signed on my new office space. I am beside the university and across from a mexican restraunt, and cuts 10 minutes off my commute.  I think its heaven. But that means I've been packing up my office for the last two days. Moving day is tomorrow. Its a mess around here. I owe my coworker alot she packed up our resource room and all I had to do was our shared office space and my desk. Yet I still haven't done that.

3. I thought I deleted the camera on my phone. It had been on the first screen and then it was gone. I had a massive freak out and then downloaded a camera+ (which I do actually love) then of course I found the camera. Somehow it got moved to the last page and was the only app on that page.

4. I received this random text. I don't even know what to say about that.


Oh, how pinteresting

I haven't done the Oh, How Pinteresting link up in ages. While I'm waiting on the Dish guy to fix my cable I thought I'd share what I'm pinning. Did you know that if you move TV's you may short out the power supply box an you will have no cable? Ummm me either, and I did, and now a tech is trying to fix it. I missed Drop Dead Diva this week because of it. He said if you are going to move your TV's from room to room you should unplug your power box because it may/will short it out. So glad they told me that when they first hooked me up.

I'm really trying to make this house look less like a bachelor pad and more like a home. This is one of the changes I am wanting to make. Our bar area is currently an island piled with bottles.

Our office is officially moving THANK GOD!!!! I think moving day is next week. Of course I haven't touched my desk area but I've been thinking ahead to new ways to decorate my office. I love this filing cabinet.
Sorry there are only two pins for some reason it started only copy a code for something that said I love my pinterest t shirt. That's my clue to give up.

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