What annoys me about back to school time

Its that time of year again. The time when school supplies are heavily stocked in all the stores. I get excited because I have a weird love of any office/organizing product. Greg avoids stores because he doesn't want to be reminded that his summer is over and he has to go back to work. Here is what annoys me about this time of year.

Walmart (because thats the only store we have) has TONS of stuff I want to buy. I lovingly touch all the glittery binders and rhinestone paper clips. but I don't feel like I buy anything yet. The school won't release the class lists until August 1. Which is one week before school starts. This means when I know what supplies are needed I am fighting with every other parent in the county to get the prettiest products. Then the brands I want are sold out and no body wants roseart crayons because they are too waxy and doesn't color well.

The solution.....put a supply list per grade/school out so parents can  shop all summer long when they find good deals. This would mean that I wouldn't be fighting for the cool stuff and I can stock up on extras for the classroom because I'm not forced to buy everything at once. See its a win/win situation.


  1. When I was young they always had all the lists for all k-8 class supply lists available at our local Walmart August 1st. It was still crazy, but I was the type of kid that as long as there was glitter the rest didn't matter. Good luck getting the good stuff!

  2. I have a mental image of a giant, week-long riot in the school-supply section of Wal-Mart, with moms fighting and kids crying and just ugh.

    Can you buy good stuff now, then return / exchange what you don't need? Wal-Mart will take anythinnnnnnnng back.

  3. We just have Walmart in our town also... sometimes driving to Target (only 20 and 25 minutes east or west) seems like too much of a hassle! If I lived in a big city, I'd drive that far to get to anything!

  4. I remember my mom going to walmart and target to get my school supplies! Now that I am a college student...I have to deal with the stores for school supplies lol

    Just came across your blog!
    I am now following! Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you!


  5. I was lucky to get the supply list 3 weeks early this year. But get this.... they don't send out the letter of your kids teacher until the weekend BEFORE your child starts school. So.... we found out who her teacher is on Friday... Today is Tuesday and it's the first day of school. Plus back to school shopping/tax free is the day BEFORE school so I have already gotten all of my supplies.

    It's ridiculous!


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