Today is my Monday

and it is hitting me hard. Must be the vacation hangover, but I have the Monday blues. I came to work to find someone left me a message everyday of my vacation telling me to call her back. She also called my counterpart in another part of the state and she called me while on vacation. Believe me when I say it was NOTHING important that one message and waiting wouldn't have worked. I do call people back.

Then I get a call that my office may be moving. By may, I mean will more than likely be moving. This move is an hour away from my house. I already work 30 minutes from home. I have no idea what I will do with the girls because I drop them off at their schools on my way to work but now that will put me getting to work much later and I have no idea how I will pick them up from school. Its a mess. I'm hoping there is a last minute Hail Mary that will save the day and keep me from driving an hour everyday to work.....Guess I know how I'd use all that raise money :(

So I am going to spend the rest of the day praying for a miracle.


  1. :( Hope your day gets better honey....

  2. Ugh, I hate when people persistently call about nothing important. I don't call on your vacation, do I?!
    I hope you don't have to move that far :(


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