OMG its Hollyday

Picture this.... I'm driving home from our main office (I'm in a field office) Its about 200 miles away. I get into the county that my office is in and my gas light comes on......about 5 miles later my car starts to shake like its  missing. All my lights come on, the gas light, the battery light, everything! and then I lose power. I get it off the road, turn the car off, call Greg and freak out. Then try it all again. I get only a few feet and it loses power again. I pull over and turn it off. Greg comes to save me and we realize that the problem is that my belt came off. So I call the tow truck, then realize if I had called my insurance company that it would be covered, oh well. They towed my baby off. She should be fixed soon. But it sucks. I didn't get to work on my HOLLY award post because of the car issue so please bear with me. I promise a HOLLY award nomination post by Monday. See yet another  reason I need to schedule posts.  A word of advice, If your car starts acting crazy and you need to pull over, check your insurance policy before you call the tow truck because it may be covered.

Hope everyone is having a happy Hollyday. For the record I'm 21 today.


  1. Happy Birthday!!!!! Sorry about your car, hope you get it back soon!!

  2. UGH. How stressful. I hope your car is back soon!


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