Its Friday

In case you don't own a calendar.

After being off for almost 2 weeks coming back to work was crazy busy. I absolutely love my job and don't mine busy, but I've had to deal with some of the strangest people. Which have made my coworker and I really I should stop complaining and enjoy the laugh.

Since Its Friday I assume you want a list of my favorite things from the week? If you don't that's ok I'm going to give them to you anyway.

1. I got this text this week. While I have no interest, because the last time was horrible and almost ended in me committing murder and I'm with Greg...but its still sweet.

2. I made my 101/1001 list. Now to just stay on top of it.

3. My boss came to visit and we looked at potential new offices that are actually in our town and not an hour away for me. I think it could happen. Just keep sending good thoughts. This place has someone renting the space we want but he should be out....except the space currently looks like this.
I'm thinking he won't be out by the end of the month.
4. Abbey's cat Katniss got out last week right before the 4th of July and had been missing for a week. I couldn't bare to tell the girls she was gone so I just kept avoiding it and let them think she was hiding. Wednesday I was thinking about how she had been gone a week and said a little prayer that if she was still alive could she please find her way home. I walked outside to leave for work and there she was. She looks like kitty skeleton but at least she is home again. And she is feasting on as much food as she wants.
5.I got the Dale Jr. cooler mostly made. It still needs the finishing coat that keeps it from chipping and it needs the checker flag top. I'm starting abbey a water jug for band. Since camp starts Monday I need to get hopping on that. The Dale Jr cooler was inspired by this.
Hopefully early next week you will see the finished product and tell me how close I got.
I think I want either cover the pink cooler or just make a new one. I think I want to take Tony Stewart to Bristol. I've been watching him all season well actually since Bristol last year when he threw his helmet and I think I can really support someone like him with all his road rage. Its like we are soul mates. :)
So what do you think, paint over the pink cooler or just make a new one that is all Tony? Or do neither and take the pink cooler to the race.
I've been thinking about changing the name of the blog. I have no idea to any ideas? I really liked this name a year ago but I must be having a mid life crisis I am just not feeling it anymore. I watch Bar Rescue all the time and the first thing he does is change their lame name for something cool. What do you think?

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  1. Ohhh that text... sweet but...awkward.
    I like your blog name, but change is always refreshing. What are you thinking?

    Glad Katniss made it home!!

    1. I don't have any ideas what a new name could be, I'm just bored. I was thinking about a new design too, but I just got this one in May. So the new name would mean I could get a new design.

  2. I'm so glad your kitty made it home! I love your cooler as is - but I know you could make another awesome design and if you have the time and its relaxing - do it! I want to change up my blog about every 3 months too :)

    1. I don't want redoing my blog to be a habit, but I fear it is.

  3. I'm glad to hear your cat came back. I hate when a cat gets out. One time our cat was gone for 2 weeks. I'd given up hope, and then he showed up one day, over 2 weeks later. I don't know where the hell he went or how he got back, but those little buggers have a built in GPS system I can't even begin to fathom.

    1. I was a wreck. she had never really been out before. I'm surprised she even knew how to get home.


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