Its days like today that makes me realize why scheduling posts is a good idea. I have tons of half finished posts scattered around that really need to be finished.

So whats with today. I may have mentioned that We live in a different county than the school the girls go to. Its usually not a problem, because I pass both of their schools to get to work. I drop them off and pick them up when its my days. But with band camp time comes late practice. I'm completely starting my day late since I know I will be working late today. But it also means Greg has company staying with us for 2 weeks because its an instructor for his camp. Long story short....we stayed up late and I didn't get anything written and now my day is starting late and I feel slightly overwhelmed.

So there is my excuse on why you have nothing decent to read from me. On a side note I really do think I want to change the name of the blog. I use Poppy as my name when I play trivia or anything really. I'm thinking something along those lines.  Restless and indecisive is a weird combination. Since you are cheated out of a good post, You should come over, we will crack open an ice cold can of WATER.

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